The explanation of every aya in the Quran

If anyone wants to study or know about any Quran revelation or aya, refer to this link, and you will find its explanation:

This site includes the answer to all the doubts and dispute of atheists, the enthusiastics, the idolaters and the opponents of the Quran, in addition of course the guidance to anyone seeking about the truth: (external - login to view)

You will also find all the interpretation of the Quran in pdf form : (external - login to view)

The interpretation is by Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly, who died in the year 1991 in Iraq.

So that by now, the argument is established against people whether believers or disbelievers, and they will be responsible before God in case they deny or acknowledge and approve it.

And you can find the answer to all their objection to the Quran and to the Islam and to the noble prophet Mohammed - salam to him, in spite of the denial of atheists and idolaters and the enthusiastics. (external - login to view)
It's easier to understand Islam with a picture.

Above is the picture of Murphy the dirty Zionist

I cannot spit on Murphy, lest my spitting will be defiled.

================================================== ===============

Therefore, when a dirty one like Murphy tells about any aya, then be sure he distorts its meaning according to his dirty mind.

So when such creature gives an aya, then one can refer to its number from our link and see its clear explanation. (external - login to view)
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I'm hurt.

But the good news is that you are still full of sh!t.
Murphy is a shameless harlot. He shows us his dirty picture and he is not hurt.
I've been called many things, but never a harlot. Thanks!
Murphy is a mini Shylock: he exposes his ugliness before people, so how can such dirty one pretend giving any argument?
Therefore, this is why all people know you Shylock, you cannot change this thing: the name of Shylock is stamped on you like a curse till Doomsday; because people everywhere know who you are and what you are.
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My goodness! You're really giving me a tongue lashing today. Nassir.

Mazel tov!
So I will start exposing the disgrace of the Ugly Zionists in the following posts.
I would like to post an Oy Vey! before you begin.

Oy Vey!

Ok, now you're good to go.
First of all they rebelled against their own prophet Moses: (external - login to view)

quran-ayat(dot)com/conflicts/english2(dot)htm#Their_Rebellion_against_Their_Pro phet_
That's true.

This oy vey means that Moses took off to the mountain top Big Boy without saying anything. He was there all alone for awhile, but was nice enough to bring back take out menus.

He came back and warned everyone to get their orders in before that idolater Mohammad showed up and spoiled the food.
See about the rebellion, disobedience and the hard hearts of the Children of Israel, and how they worshiped the idols and killed the prophets; all this and more are in the book: The Conflict between the Torah and the Quran.
The Conflict between the Torah and the Quran (external - login to view)

And its pdf form: (external - login to view)
They didn't kill any prophets, just gold jewelry. And there was no conflict between the Torah and the Quran. That happened before Mohammad (may he burn in hell forever) was born. The Muslins didn't exist, so there was no Book of Lies, a.k.a. the Quran.

Nassir, if you're gonna tell a story, at least get the facts right. You're such an alter cocker! Oy!
Therefore, any aya can be seen and studied like we want to know the aya 4: 153
So we go to our link: (external - login to view)

And from the list in the first page: we go to Soora 4, then we choose no. 153, which will be:
Soora 4
153. The people of the Bible a [: the Jews] demand of you [Mohammed] to bring down upon them a book from heaven [written on the stone tablets b];

[So God replied about their words:]
but they did demand of Moses [aforetime] for [something] greater than this [demand], when they said: "Show to us God conspicuously c "

so the thunderbolt seized them d because of their wrong-doing.

Then they took to themselves the calf [as an idol to worship], even after the clear [miracles] came to them [with Moses
e]; yet We pardoned [them concerning] that f, and We gave to Moses an obvious authority [to indicate the truthfulness of his apostle-hood.] g

154. And We made Mount [Sinai] to tower above them because of [the breaking of] their covenant h,

[Then God be glorified told about their ignorance and stubbornness in another incident:]
and We said to them:"Enter [by] the gate [of Jericho] 'complying and submissive'!i "

[Then God be glorified told about their disobedience in another affair:]
and We said to them: "Transgress not on the Sabbath!" j

and We took from them a binding covenant. k

155. Then [We cursed them] because of their [frequent] breaking of their covenant l,

and their denial of the revelations of God m,

and their slaying of the prophets wrongfully n,

and their saying: "Our hearts are surrounded with covers o."

Not so, but God has sealed upon their [hearts] because of their blasphemy p, so that they will not believe [in you, Mohammed] except a few [of them q]

156. And because of: that they [moreover] disbelieved [in Jesus], and that they uttered against Mary [his mother] a grave calumny r.

157. And [We cursed them because of] their saying [in a way of boasting]: "We slew the Christ, Jesus son of Mary, the apostle of God s."

But they did not slay him in fact, nor did they crucify him; they were only deluded by a similitude t,

and those who differ therei
n u are full of doubt thereof v, with no [certain] knowledge about the [crucifixion], but they only follow conjecture w; they slew him not for certain x.

The explanation is in the following link: (external - login to view)
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That's why the Quran is called the Book of Lies. It was written 100s of years after the event. The tablets were brought to a Mosh Pit, but were lost. The rest of the stuff you wrote is BS because no one was alive to remember what happened.

You're just silly, Nassir. But in the end, everyone ate at tbe Big Boy. They make a mean pulled pork sammich.
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I think you look like pig in shape, or you will be transfigured into pig shape.
This next Oy Vey explains the birth of Mohammad (may he burn in hell forever).

When Mo was born, his mother rolled around in camel sh!t, in order to keep the flies off the baby. An old Jew who was walking by the hovel where Mo was born couldn't stand the smell and declared, "A gonif lives here. Phew!"

This means that ever since that day, satan worshippers, the Muslins, have been content to roll around in sh!t.
The curse of Zionists in the Psalms of David

That was about a casino. He banned Muslins and their goats from casinos.

Nice try, Nassir.
Moreover, this is another curse of the Ugly Zionists in the Psalms of David

In addition, Prophet and King David cursed them another time in the Psalms:

And then he ordered that everyone should eat bagels and cream cheese.

"For who among you can resist a good feed of cream cheese, bagels, and boiled fish?"

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And then he ordered that everyone should eat bagels and cream cheese.

"For who among you can resist a good feed of cream cheese, bagels, and boiled fish?"

Oy! And double "Oy!"
I don't see your boyfriend Megaloon in your threads anymore Selfsap. Has he abandoned you? I warned you about romancing those goats.

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