A program of success for man and woman

Easy words uttered by the tongue, and yet of a tremendous value; words that cost you no toiling or weary, but they give a valuable profit:

Glory be to God,
Praise be to God,
No god but God, and
God is Most Great.

So keep uttering these words day and night, and at every situation:

When going out say: In God we trust (or We rely on God alone)
When start eating say: In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
When finishing the eating say: Praise and thanks to God, the Lord of nations.
When seeing any surprise or marvelous thing say: Glory be to God.
When go to sleep say: No god but God and Mohammed is God's messenger.
When awaking from sleep say: Glory and praise be to God.

Needing any thing or affair supplicate God alone, and don't pray any other patron.

Second point: Never associate with God any other patron or peer.

Third point: Do whatever righteous work you can do.

And then you will be successful and will prosper in this life of the World and in the Next Life.

Quran 33: 41-42, which means:
{41. Believers, mention God [in celebration] with much mentioning.

42. And celebrate His praises, morning and evening. a}
.................................................. ..........................

42 a The meaning: Glorify Him continuously: day and night. It means: You should remember Him at every time, and when you see any cosmic sign and when you see any marvelous creature.

Therefore, God commanded us to remember and glorify Him continuously.

But in the present time, most people have forsaken God’s remembrance and started to remember and mention the sheikhs, imams and patrons.
Obviously this is the ‘association’: so they mention them when they stand up and sit down, mention them in their delights and in their distresses, in their birthdays and their death days, they mention them to request their needs from them; they forgot about God, Who then made them forget about their own souls; certainly such people are the disbelievers.

quran-ayat.com/pret/33.htm#a33_41 (external - login to view)

================================================== =========

This is the recital of these blessed ayat in the Quran, soora 33:


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A program of success for man and woman

... as long as the men and women are kept separate in different buildings.
Quran 33: 43-44, which means:
{43. It is [God] Who sends [blessings and mercy] on you b [believers] as do His angels c, to bring you forth from the depths of the darkness into light; God is Most Merciful to believers d.

44. Their salutation on the day when they will meet Him [after their death] will be "Peace! [: Salam!]" e; and He has prepared for them a good [precious] reward [in Paradise.]}
.................................................. .....................

43 b i.e. He communicates with you: by sending His blessings and mercy on you.

43 c By bringing the revelation to your prophet, by helping you against your enemies and by guiding you to the righteous way.

This is because the revelation is of two kinds: the first is from God to the prophet directly without any means, and the second is when some of the angels brings it down.

The purpose of sending down the revelation and conveying it to you, is in order to bring you forth from the depths of the darkness into light.

Therefore, contemplate this word, for God – be glorified – did not say: “He communicates with you because you are pious”, but He said that is in order “to bring you forth from the depths of the darkness into light”; i.e. from the darkness of the ignorance to the light of the knowledge and guidance.

Hence, He means, by the Arabic word in the aya, the communication.

43 d So as that He communicates to them with His blessings and bounties.

44 e It means: On the day when they die and go to the world of souls, the angels will salute and give them the glad tidings of Paradise.

quran-ayat.com/pret/33.htm#a33_43 (external - login to view)
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Women are okay for you as long as they know their place and are kept on a short leash. Fukk off selfsap.

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