Toronto Mayor Blames U.S.

I think not
Miller blames U.S. gun laws, launches job project News Staff

With Toronto's homicide numbers keeping pace with 2005, which was dubbed 'The Year of the Gun,' concerns that the city may be experiencing a repeat are being downplayed by Mayor David Miller, who blames guns from the U.S. and a lack of opportunities.

Under questioning Wednesday morning from reporters, Miller tried to reassure city residents that violence is being addressed.

"The important thing is that the Toronto Police have 450 more officers this year on the streets in neighbourhoods," Miller said on Wednesday morning. "That's resulting in them solving murders at a much higher rate. That's very, very important. So they're going to catch the people responsible and Torontonians need to know that."

But the city has experienced another wave of violence this week. Five people were shot on Monday night, two of whom died, in three separate incidents. That brought the homicide count to 15 so far in 2006.

Police said the death of Romaine Lawrence, 18, this week has the "hallmarks of gang-related activity." Investigators are searching for a motive and suspects in the slaying. They are also investigating Jermaine Brown's death. The 22-year-old also died in gunfire.

In the wake of Monday's violence the mayor is turning his attention towards gun laws south of the border, calling what is happening in the U.S. "unacceptable," because the weapons get transported into Canada.

"The U.S. has to address its own gun control laws," Miller said.

He also said a large part of the problem is the lack of opportunity being experienced by youth living in troubled city neighbourhoods. Miller said they do not have access to, what he calls, the golden towers of Bay Street and the wealth and success they symbolize.

In an attempt to bridge that gap Miller was joined by the Toronto Board of Trade in announcing a youth program to create 1,000 jobs, apprenticeships or training bursaries in "priority neighbourhoods."

The Youth ONE Campaign hopes to have these positions in place by Sept. 1 in 13 city neighbourhoods identified by the Community Safety Plan.

While plans like this hope to curb violence over the long term, the mayor says he will press Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the issue of the flow of guns across the border. Miller will also ask the prime minister to revisit the handgun ban proposed by the former Liberal government.

Meanwhile, police are looking for the public's help to find suspects in Monday's shootings.

Investigators describe the suspect in Brown's death only as a black man armed with a large firearm. They say he allegedly entered the passenger side of a General Motors Yukon or Envoy after the shooting and was driven away by an unknown person.

In the Romaine investigation the only lead police seem to have is the fact that two injured men took a taxi to hospital after the shooting. Officers are looking for the taxi driver.

Investigators are asking anyone with information about either of Monday's shootings to call police or Crime Stoppers.

With a report from CTV's Chris Eby
Its both the U.S. and Canada's fault. The U.S. has very lenient gun laws and Canada has poor border patrol.
I think not
How can a law in the US affect Canadians? Do you think legal guns are smuggled into Canada?
This stuff drives me nuts.

If the United States passed a law banning firearms, they would still leak into Canada. Look at Jamaica, where you can get life in prison for pssession of a bullet, and all the legal guns were dumped into the sea in the late 70s. Keep in mind Jamaica is an island, with easy border control.

The murder rate in Jamaica is 32 per 100,000, well over 10 times the rate in Canada, over 3 times the rate in the United States.

Murder is CULTURAL. Do you think it an accident that most of Toronto's gun murders are committed by Jamaican immigrants?

Trying to control inanimate objects improves nothing at all. Jamaica has proven that, as has Britain, and Australia.
Hank C
the mayor of Toronto is full of shit......not surprising though
Well at best he is a clueless clot. Maybe he was having a bad hair day?
As some sage pointed out elsewhere, Ontario dumped a record 3.6 million tonnes of garbage in Michigan landfills last year and politicians there are demanding an end to it.

With a change in government likely next year the Mayor of Toronto may not be able to export his garbage.
He can keep his trash and Michigan will ask their crooks to keep handguns at home.

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