The Ten Hottest, Most Badass Women of Stalingrad

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In 1942, Adolph Hitler deployed much of his German army to Stalingrad, a city on the edge of the oil rich Caucasus Region in the Soviet Union. U.S.S.R. leader Joseph Stalin, not wanting to lose his namesake city to the Nazi invaders, ordered the Soviet army to hold Stalingrad no matter the cost. The resulting battle, in which Soviet forces prevailed over their Nazi adversaries at a significant cost in lives and equipment, saw the bloodiest fighting of the world’s bloodiest war. Over one million people lost their lives during the Battle of Stalingrad, and a once magnificent city was reduced to rubble. Stalingrad was hell on earth.

Beauty, however, found its way through the smoke and ash of Stalingrad. Needing manpower to stop the invading Germans, Stalin began conscripting women into the Soviet military. These women came from different walks of life, but all exuded….

You know what? This is ridiculous. There’s no justifying the complete idiocy of this post. Instead of pretending that there’s some deep meaning to this thing, let’s just get to it. We now present the most ludicrous, unnecessary list of all time. Here are the Top Ten Hottest Women of Stalingrad:


History Banter | The Ten Hottest, Most Badass Women of Stalingrad

I just randomly found this link a few minutes ago.... some of the information is presented in a funny manner, yet informative overall.
bill barilko
This was posted here last year.
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This was posted here last year.

Oh well excuse me all to hell.
10 Most Attractive Female Armed Forces in the World

Here's something a bit newer then. 10 most attractive female armed forces.

Odd Canada didn't make the list.

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