Farther of medicine mention asGREEK HIPPOCRSTES.

However earth and sky .have no gods.

We collect and use medicines by try and error..

When there new spices of drugs and chemist we mix them into
outtake bloods or cells to find the desire phenomenons or not.

Also before we use them to human we test ite properties and strength
just by giving them to other animals.

Caues of disease can access us so bad.

Just diassembled are ways of china tyranny.

Herbs for then should must be assembly.

Deals with anatomy and medical ethics should have
best for regard.

Who may success as pacify if they cure the bad guys or
the dirt.

Hippocratic oaths must fulfill for bring some luck to patient.

Pledge beneficial treats for health are rather rich or not.

Thou obligations are ways of doctors that are moral needed.

Biologic fields can deal with bodily structures also psyche minds.

There are body functions also mental functions are those for regards.