Edward Snowden nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

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Swedish professor nominates Edward Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize. Obama administration responds by saying; "the nomination seems a bit premature" and suggests Snowden has actually set world peace back decades

How ironic.

Edward Snowden nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by Swedish Professor | Mail Online

Bush on Snowden: He damaged the country - YouTube

A classy guy.. and didn't call Snowden a traitor, but said he did damage the security of the Nation..

also, seems Obama has reached a new low to his adversary.. LOL

War Crimes Tribunal Looking to ARREST Obama & Bush - YouTube
lone wolf
Obama got one for a promise he has yet to keep....
Sounds like that last video was produced by The Rodent.... BLAME BUSH then BLAME OBAMA

And you're right......real classy of Bush to not second guess the sitting president Obama..
Only a complete and total fool would trust Gov. I don't know why these acts of tyranny are surprising when they should have been expected.
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Sadly he probably wasn't the only one.
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Sadly he probably wasn't the only one.

Oh the list is filled with those.
There is something wrong with rewarding traitors. And comparing Snowden to Nazi Germany is disgusting. There are no similarities. Comparing him to Paul Revere would be more appropriate.

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