Too expensive to delay Air India flight, witness to testify

CBC News
A witness at the Air India inquiry is expected to testify Wednesday that airline officials said it would cost too much to delay the takeoff of Flight 182 in order to check the bags, CBC News has learned.

What a bizarre twist. Along with the failure of those in the know to do anything, we learn that the flight was held so that the dogs could sniff the luggage...except that AIR INDIA didn't want to spend the extra money to hold the plane...pitiful.
We can choose to believe that Air India and its regard for the "bottom line" sets the standards for Canadian air passenger/airline security or we can choose to believe that as a nation of people living voluntarily under a system of regulations and rules intended to preserve security and safeguard Canadians that the responsibility for aircraft and passenger safety falls to this system.

If we adopt the same attitude that the forestry and beef industries of America apeasing the greed of Canadian producers can dictate trade embargoes and sanctions via which the "bottom line" is regarded as perfectly acceptable metric for stealing a billion dollars at the border from the people of Canada, we will have made the choice to accept that the nabobs and bean counters of Air India are actually in charge of air safety in Canada.

Stephen Harper made that choice for Canadians when he permitted American forestry products industry to steal from us. Harper and this government have demonstrated that even if the rogues theives and liars of the government of the time ...when Air India occurred...made a similar choice, that the lives of people were/are less important than the bottom line or appeasing some political or economic element...that our governments and our elected representatives are both inept and ill-suited to form government and there exists considerable evidence to conclude, just as corrupt and just as dirty as every other Canadian government.

The problem is systemic and is owned by every Canadian that chooses to ignore the malfeseance and corruption that is demonstrated repeatedly by Canadian governments. With any luck the natives will once again use whatever means at their disposal to bring attention to their situation. Too bad Canadians without native heritage lack a similar enthusiasm for holding their government accountable.