Moving ... One day soon

Ack! We don't know if the movers were able to fit us in tomorrow or if we have to wait till Wednesday or Thursday. I think it depends on the alignment of the stars and whether we brewed the correct potion -- since we had trouble finding eye of newt. No newts here that we could find and the seagulls were just too quick for us. Either way, Shaw is moving all our communications over tomorrow. I don't know when I'll be online in the next couple days.

If anyone tries to contact me, I'm not ignoring you ... I'm probably desparately trying to remember which box I packed the chocolate in so I can appease my addiction before putting the computer back together. Damn, where a techie when ya need one? Since we use Shaw for everything including phone, the mess of gizmos and wires and whatzits is a bit overwhelming. I may buy beer tomorrow and see if I can bribe the Shaw guy to put it all together!!

We have an abundance of mods these days so everyone will be well tended. I've re-opened the torture rooms for those intrepid souls who can't stay out of trouble. I'll be around when I can be over the next few days.
Hope it all goes smooth. I've still got unopened boxes from the Carter Administration era.
Good luck moving Cosmo!

I just finished moving and the idiots at my DSL provider screwed things up about 3 times. First they messed up having the telecom setting up the correct port on the phone line, then they sent me the wrong modem and then they spelt my name completely wrong (which is part of my username)... oh and they also sent me the login and personal details of another customer in Cologne.

Anyways, its all setup now but I'm waiting _my_ modem.. now I'm using a 5 year old peice of hardware but it seems to work ok.

Make sure Shaw or Sympatico (whatever you're using) doesn't screw you over
#4 sincere sympathy...

I hope once the movers actually show up prepared to do as little hard work as possible....the actual A to B transport goes well and without too much hassle.

I hope you have explained this upcoming event to your little furry critter! She will be a holy terror for a couple of days. :P

Re computers and other electronic stuff. I don't let the movers near any of it. My techie guy takes everything away personally and hooks it up at the new place.... it's expensive but worth it in the long run. I think some companies rely on the stresses of a move to use people who aren't the best at what they cable/telephone/utility people.... because it isn't unusual to find out a few days later you have to call someone back in to sort things out.

And the rule of the move??? There will be months before you find a stray purse or know you didn't throw away.... and it will be lodged carefully in a box with totally unrelated things such as books or with winter sweaters.....

Any moving horror stories out there?
Good Luck with the move, Cosmosis... I feel yer pain!

ps - this timing thing blows since i be missing out on free beer for a setup... CURSES! :P I am sure if you'd flash a tat or two (groan) he'd be more than willing to errr set you up.
I found the keg under cosmo's bed. Apparently Chocolate is not all she likes to eat in bed.

the carpet also smells like stale beer. and I found a bag of hash in the vanity cupboard.
Good Luck with the move!
Cosmo wrote:

Ack! We don't know if the movers were able to fit us in tomorrow or if we have to wait till Wednesday or Thursday.

Surely there is suitable punishment for these movers. Moving without these hassles, is a traumatic experience. Lengthening the time in limbo,(between homes) is just cruelty. Might I suggest twenty lashes...with salt...
AAAh, so that's why you couldn't come to the phone...or answer my e-mail...I'll stop crying now

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