New Immigration changes

I got an alert about the changes for improving immigration to Canada starting for the applicants for July 2010. They have increased the investor amount from $800,000 to 1 million minimum. Canada was the lowest of all the countries.
But for my concern, they reduced the number of federal skilled workers to 29. I am still on the list as being a nurse, but they are only going to process a 1000 people from each skill, but if you already have a job offer, then you will be ahead of the crowd. I am a newbie and just starting the process and I am getting swimmy headed from all the twists and turns needed to complete this process. I am in the process of getting my Nova Scotia license and have to chase down my boss and old school and hopefully they don't sit on the paperwork once they get it. It could take up to 2 yrs for me to get immigrated as a skilled worker at this point, or even longer.
I talked to a few people who came to the states and they came on a work visa and then they gained permanent residence then ultimately citizenship. I looked at the immigration site and they also gave extra points on your "test" if you have lived and worked in Canada. I am thinking this is probably the quickest and most feasible for me to move to Canada. I just need to get a job offer and get a work permit from any of the hospitals. They also have concurrent application so I can still apply for my permanent residence while working in Canada on my work permit/visa.
This immigration process is very daunting and I have respect for people who have done it without a hitch and legally. I still have to find housing in the Halifax area, get my home in Texas sold and my pets moved and all my kids on board because I am moving up the date from 2 yrs to when I can get all the ducks in a row which can be as short as 6 mths, or it could take the entire 2 years. I want to do this as quickly and legally as possible.
I am so ready to start a new life in Canada with my entire family including my fiance'. I don't think I would be so ready to leave if I lived in a nicer state, but being in Texas with the heat and narrow minded people, makes things a bit more unbearable.
If anyone has any advice, or know someone who has gone the work permit to PR route, I would be happy to hear about their experience.

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