Canadian Cultural Exchange

After selfactivated shared a couple pictures with me, I though perhaps we could all share a pictures of our culture. The culture that identifies us as the Canadians we see ourselves as.

An exchange of our cultures, to better get to know one another.

This was a gift from a Haida elder I met at a gathering in the 90's.

This Medicine Box was a gift from the same elder. It was filled with Alder smoked Pacific Salmon. I had told him in previous conversations that, that was my favourite Salmon, so he purchased it for me before leaving for the gathering.

My first Lacrosse stick, yes I still have it. They don't make them like this anymore.

My traveling kit, or bed roll. The Hudsons Bat blanket and my moccasins, I've had longer then my wife. The little pouch, which is a Metis capote, was made for me by my boys at a Metis Festival a few years ago, when they were participants in a Native dance group. They have since givin it up, as they feel it is to "girly".

This is my Medicine pouch. It contains several healing stones, hair from my boys and my wife, as well as my old dog, Shalamar, who was a Malamute Wolf cross. Sadly, no longer with us. It also contains the bark of a tree, whos age is unknown, but it is said to be well over 500 years old and tobaco. It had a painting of the Wolf Teacher on it, but as I wear it always, it has long since been unrecognisable.

This is a Metis Sash, another item I have had since before I was married. My Grand Mother made this for me when my Grand Father took me on a trip to see some Cree trapper friends in the far North of Quebec. I crossed a certain paralel for the first time as a Trader so I was given the honour of being called an l'Homme du Nord.

This is the MWS flag my cousin gave me. As he tells it, it was flying over his position on the lines at Oka. It is a prized posession of mine.

This is the Tomahawk Pipe, I made, to smoke at my Grand Fathers memorial. After we spread some of his ashes in his favourite fishing spot along the Ottawa River, we buried the rest of his ashes under a freshly planted tree, then as a once again united family, all of us, Onondaga, Mohawk and Metis and non native, sat around our fire and smoked kanikanik, while we told stories about his exploits.
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This is my Journey Drum sitting on my car its a 20 inch elk skin with a dream catcher weave on the back also a godseye in the center to bind the strap

This is my personal dream catcher I created. Its more a dream portal its 2 foot across and the feathers are barrel owl feathers and yellow finch.
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You figured it out! Brilliant!

Bear! How beautiful! It so satisfying holding a piece of history, totally amazes me
Do your tribes have Spirit Shields? Thats my next project. You go on a spirit quest and bring a shield that youve premade. During the quest your given the symbols to create on your shield. Say that your quest finds you in the need of healing, bear is a posibility that you would be given her as one of the symbols. Then you would find a way to create her on the hide of your shield. A Shaman would have many shields over the years.

Thi is my Medicine rattle its made of deer hide, bone beads and barrel owl feathers. The handle is red cedar. I have 3 of my most helpful guides drawn on it. Hawk, bear and my clan the butterfly. On the top is the whirling rainbow , I have a picture of it but it gets controvertial when I share it.

The blanket is an old wool trade blanket that the landlord was tossing out.
This rattle is cow hide same wooden handle in fact its the twin piece of the same branch. I gave this and the smaller drum (10 inch fire drum dream catcher weave) below it to my sister. Again I have painted the whirling rainbow on the second side.

Bear is it appropiate to share some of my Wiccan things here?
L Gilbert
Wicca is a culture and there are Wiccans in NorthAm, so I can't see why not.
ok I'll find the pics
L Gilbert
Don't have much for pics of anything but family, but I do have some of the scenery in my neck of the sticks (Kootenay Lake, BC):

and my family crest and the crest of where we're from

County Galway crest
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This is one of my wands Im very proud of it. Its an avacado root and trunk. I had the plant for three years and the landlord broke the pot by accident. It represents the 3 worlds, and the 7 chakras. The feathers represent 5 of the 7 directions

This is my first wand I made. Its made of sassafrass root (a very healing root) the chrystal is multifacetted and quite unusual. Its wrapped in silver thread, silver keeps high emotions so you can think clearly. The feathers are owl and the other was given to me by Fae in England. I was told it was wood Pigeon but Im not positive, it was a nice gift.

Oh WOW! I LOVE sunsets and sunrises but mostly sunsets! Keep the snow though lol Its pretty but it kills me.
This was my altar in England for Summer Solstice. I have 3 in my home. Wiccan/shaman, Candle, and Fae/Pan (Critters ashes are on that one. ) And now I have a fire pit my Sis gave me for Yule.


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