Stanley cup is coming

The NHL playoffs are going to be starting soon,

So here is the question, who is going to be the finals matchup?

My guess is going to be Ottawa and Calgary. That's right a all Canadian final.
Hank C
hahahah yea right.....

Calgary has the most experienced goaltending and one of the strongest D in the west...but their offence is lacking and I don't know if all the cards will fall into place like it did 2 years ago.

I like Dallas and will pick them to win the east conference.
Don't you mean west?

I think it will be Toronto and Detroit.

Toronto will get in and through the emotion of just getting in they will kick Ottawa's butt in the playoffs like they usually due and the other competition in the East.
I'm really excited to see this! I think its going to be Toronto all the way!
Hank C
.....Toronto won't make the playoffs.

Ottawa cannot win the cup unless Hasek is in net and they get their injured players back and stay healthy for the full run. I think Montreal could make it to the conference finals as well as Buffalo.

But in the west I say Dallas and Calgary will meet in the conference finals.
Toronto is going to make the playoffs. And it will win the championship.
Hank C
doubt it...if Tampa get 3 points out of their 3 remaining games then it dont matter if the leafs win the rest of their games 11-0...they will still be out.
Johnny Utah

The Edmonton OILERS
Man the Canucks were brutal this year.
That is the only Canadian team I thought didn't deserve a spot in the playoffs and if everything turns out right, it will be the only Canadian team to miss. A good easter gift.
Go Oilers..wooo.
Ok..but i should quantify my cheer with the knowledge that they will not make it to the finals, but its been so long since they have been in the playoffs that i can't help but be excited anyways.
Weren't they in last year, or the year before?

With this new deal from NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, nothing has changed, playoff teams get in and non-playoff teams stay out.

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