No Worries

When going through a drive-thru this morning the guy at the window responded to my thank yous with 'no worries'. Twice. That saying is even worse than 'no problem'.

A guy I know, who is here from South Korea, said he struggles with some common sayings. He said he thanked someone for opening a door for him, and that person responded with 'you betcha'. He asked me to explain it, for which was laughable to try.

What common sayings or phrases drive you crazy?
Hoof Hearted
"Have a good one"

It almost seems like encouragement for your next bowel movement.
'Here, let me help you with that.' when it is not yet a 'chaos moment'.
There you go again.....
Spamming every bloody thread on the board, talking to yourself!
Pissed and it isn't even noon yet. I was 'forced into it'

"What common sayings or phrases drive you crazy?"

WTFuk are you even on this thread for unless you are, . . . wait for it, . . a fuking troll.
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talking to yourself!

Sorry but you don't have a say in how I combat the 'silent treatment' from the collective.
"Your vote matters."
'Vote early, vote often' means what in the USofA

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