Where's the Beef?

Texas may bellow that global warming is a hoax but tell that to their cattle.

The U.S. "national herd," that peaked in 1975 at 132-million head of cattle (when the U.S. population was just 215-million), dropped to 91-million head this year (population now at 315-million) and is still in decline.

The US has been suffering a desperate drought that has affected around 80 % of the agricultural land across the country. It has been so severe that in certain parts, farmers have been forced to get rid of their cattle as they simply don't have any pasture for them to graze on.

The drought has also affected the yields of grain crops, which are estimated to be down around 13 % on last year. And because US farmers depend on grain to fatten their beef herds, this has increased pressure to get rid of cattle.

The Disaffected Lib: Global Warming Hits Texas Longhorns
Poopsie, if you keep sucking up all that propaganda your noggin will explode.

The drought isn't because of Global Warming

There are identical ocean temp anomilies to what there were in 1934.

When ocean surface temps are too cool to release vapour, there is no rain inland.

Can you explain why the ocean surface temps off the coast of Baja plummeted creating the current drought in TX and up the Mid West clear up to ND?

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