What's In the TDSB Dumpster?


Dumpster full of old TDSB textbooks ignites book-lover’s complaint | Toronto Star

Books about Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and INTERNATIONAL IMMIGRATION, natch.

Just watch--five, six years from now, they'll probably be tossing all the "diversity" textbooks, too.

Scaramouche!: What's In the TDSB Dumpster?
History gets re-written all the time..................
Free Thinker
I never knew Malcolm X and MLK jr were Canadians.
Nobody once complained about when they threw away those Anne of Green Gables last year.

I assume books do wear out. It is good that they are actually looked at to get to a point they do wear out. Only question I have is why in the dumpster and not the recycling bin?

ETA: saw the picture it was a recycling dumpster. Question withdrawn.
I was sad when they banned "Little Black Sambo".
Free Thinker
They are library books. From the SCHOOL Libraries . ( I know you hate the concept, but heck, Mr L, bear with us)
That is why they have the scanning bar code

Our local tory el supremo

Hates any book already colored in by someone else.....

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