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What's going on? All of the "neat" things Dubya put in place to make a few people extraordinarily wealthy and trash the planet are being reversed?

In a sharp departure from Bush Administration policy,
the Obama Justice Department Friday informed the Supreme Court it is dismissing
a challenge on rules dealing with allowable mercury emissions from power

The EPA “has decided consistent with the court of appeals’ ruling to
develop appropriate standards to regulate power plant emissions,” the filing

The EPA had set up new rules under which it would drop the levels of
emissions from some power plants as the sources of mercury emissions, loosening
more rigorous controls set during the Clinton Administration. The appeals court
had essentially struck down that new regime, and the Bush Administration had

The decision to withdraw the case leaves the older, more stringent rules
in place until the EPA develops its new standards.

An influential environmental organization promptly praised the Obama
Administration action.

“Every coal fired power plant must do its fair share in using modern
controls to reduce mercury pollution,” said Vicky Patton, Deputy General
Counsel for the Environmental Defense Fund. The EDF estimates the Bush
administration rule “postponed meaningful reduction” to only 20 percent
reduction for the next 20 years, and then would have imposed a 70 percent
reduction. She said the previous rules dating to the Clinton Administration EPA
called for a 90 percent reduction which could have been fully implemented by