Greens mount legal challenge to join TV debates

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The Green party says it is prepared to go to court to have Leader Elizabeth May included in the leaders' debates in the run up to the expected Oct. 14 federal vote.

The party says it will only resort to legal action if other efforts to gain access to the televised debates controlled by a consortium of TV networks fail.

Toronto lawyer Peter Rosenthal said today the party will approach media outlets and the CRTC to demand equitable coverage during the looming campaign.

The party says the broadcast consortium exercises control over who participates in the debates but lacks clear rules on who should be included.

The Greens say they have wide support among voters, as well as a sitting member of Parliament -- former Independent Blair Wilson, who joined the party last week.

The Conservatives are trying to block May and Liberal Leader Stephane Dion from the debates because the two signed a deal agreeing not to run candidates against each other.

Any and all parties should have the right to be on TV to debate their perspectives and their plans.... it shouldn't be limited just to the Conservatives, NDP and Liberals..... oh yeah, and the Bloc.
Ron in Regina
Free Thinker
What the Hay!!! The Green Party. The Rhinoceros Party. The Communist Party. The more the merrier!!!
It'll give us all something to laugh about, and more fodder to pick apart the next day. Someone get that
woman a Green stool and a biodegradable Bamboo podium!!!
No Party Affiliation
I voted Green in the last election. I could hardly stomach the choices from any of the other parties, so I thought, what the hell... if I'm going to spoil a ballot, I may as well use it to try to shake things up a bit. They damn near won a chair too. I say the more voices, the more choices, the better. They had decent voter support at the last election, give them a chance to speak too.
Yepper, give love a chance, eh!! But::: the more splits in the voting, the more chance of a con majority, with privatizing Harpo at the helm. Say g'bye to public health care, CPP, and hello to the situation UnclePercy finds herself in down in bibleland. Freakin fun and games.

Just sayin. Don't really give a sh@t, as there's nothing I can do about it except make sure me and me dear and me kids vote I don't want that prick in either.

Some choices.

lone wolf
Free Thinker
I wrote Mickey Mouse on my ballot. Hey ... a spoiled ballot is a statement. All that matters is to get your name stroked from the list.

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