The Messiah TV series

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Some points of criticism :
Generally it is good in explaining many things, but there are flaw points:

1- The Messiah should always remind people that he is not God, but he works according to God's will.
2- His central point should be to invite people to God alone, not to himself.
3- He does not work any miracle according to his own will, but the miracle is done by God for his behalf: to prove he is only a messenger of God .. therefore, he prays God, and God answers his prayer by working the miracle for him.
4- He may state clearly that he is the messenger of God, so that people may understand this.
5- He cannot do everything, but only the things told to him by God.
6- Nothing is in the Quran about his walking upon the water surface..

The miracles of Jesus Christ according to the Quran:
>> he revived some people who died in the same day of their death.
>> he told them about what they are going to eat, and what they stored in their houses.
>> he cured the congenitally blind, and the leper (or the one having albino of his skin.)
All that was by God's will, and in fact it was God's work for him.. while for his own person: he cannot do everything required of him.

Moreover, it was not only Jesus Christ who did the miracles, but many other prophets and messengers did some miracles which were the work of God for the behalf of his messenger.. like the staff of Moses becoming a serpent, the cleaving of the sea for Moses and his people and the drowning of Pharaoh and his hosts.. the she camel of Prophet Salih, and the reviving of the dead tree for the people of Midian.
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The reason why the Israelite could not stop Jesus Christ :

Quran 5: 110, which means:
(110. When God said: "Jesus, son of Mary, remember My favor on you and on your mother a ;

[Then God started to enumerate some of His bounties on him, in the past and in the future:]
when I aided you with [Gabriel] the Holy Spirit; you spoke to people [when you were a little child] in the cradle b , and [when you were mature] of age c ;

[Then God reminded him with many other past and future bounties:]
and when I taught you the Scripture d , the wisdom e , the Torah f and the Gospel g ;

[Then after enumerating the scientific bounties, God started to enumerate the material bounties, which also were past and future:]
and you created out of clay by My leave h as the likeness of a bird, and blew [the spirit] into that [clay] to become a [living] bird by My leave i ; and when you cured the congenitally blind j and the albino k by My leave; and when you brought forth the dead [out of their graves, alive] l ;

and that I restrained the Children of Israel from [harming and insulting] you m when you came to them with the manifest [proofs and miracles], and the unbelievers n among them o said: "This p is nothing but an obvious sorcery."

111. And when I revealed to the Disciples [saying:]"Believe in Me and in My messenger [Jesus]", they said: "We believe; witness [O Jesus] our submission [to your command and to your religion.]")
.................................................. ......................................

110 a Therefore, forbear, for My sake, the hurt of your people, and don't lose patience.

110 b I said previously that Jesus was in heaven, and he was a spirit, i.e. belonged to some kind of angels [known as the Spirit Kind or the Rouh; Gabriel is one of them].

Then when God created a fetus in the womb of Mary, He commanded Jesus to go down to the earth and enter in the body of that fetus, so he entered it and he was the Christ; then when his mother gave birth to him he knew the speech and some other fields of knowledge; in spite of that he was only a little child before the eyes of people.

110 c i.e. and you spoke to people when you were a mature man. His speaking to them then was about some religious affairs.

110 d i.e. the past Heavenly Books: the scripture of Abraham, the Tablets of Moses and the Psalms of David.

110 e i.e. also I taught you the admonition.

110 f i.e. the Books of the Torah.

110 g i.e. and I gave you the Gospel, which will be written by your disciples.

110 h I permitted you to do so.

110 i i.e. You introduced the spirit of some birds into that clay, according to My will and might.

110 j i.e. the one born blind.

110 k i.e. the one having whitish patches different from the general color of the skin.

110 l So he revived four persons in the same day in which they died, by returning the spirits to their bodies, and that happened at different places and times.

110 m So they did not hurt you as had the nations hurt their prophets, and that was by letting them venerate you lest they should hurt you.

110 n i.e. those who disbelieved about you.

110 o i.e. among the Children of Israel.

110 p It means: These miracles are only some obvious sorcery.
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Comment :

God reminded all His apostles (messengers) about His bounties and favors on them, so they should be grateful and be steadfast in His obedience.. therefore, He reminded Moses, and Jesus and Mohammed as it is cited in the Glorious Quran.

God reminded Moses about His bounties and favors on him :

Quran 20: 36-41, which mean:
(36. "[God] said: "You are granted, Moses, your petition."

37. "And for another time, We have [now] shown you favor [as had We done before.]"

38. "When We revealed to [Jochebed] your mother [concerning you] as is it revealed [to prophets.]"

[Then God – be glorified – explained about such revelation by His saying:]
39. [Revealing to her:] "Cast him in the ark, then cast him in the river, and the river will bring him to the shore; (an enemy of mine and of his) will take him, and I cast loveliness on you that such [acts] should be done under My observation."

40. "When [Miriam] your sister walked along [watching about your outcome], and said [to Pharaoh’s household]: 'May I guide you to one who will take charge of him [: nursing and rearing him]?'

So We returned you to your mother, so that she may be delighted [with your return to her], and may not grieve [for your absence.]

You also killed a man, but We saved you from the worry [which inflicted you because of the killing], and We tried you in various ways, then you tarried for [eight] years among the people of Midian, then you, O Moses, have now come according to a decree."

41. "And I have prepared you for My service.")

More valuable explanation is in the link:
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God reminded Mohammed about His favors on him :

Quran 93: 6-8, which mean:
(6. Did He not find you an orphan, and shelter you a ?

7. Did He not find you astray [from the religion], and guide you? b

8. Did He not know [that] you were ‘poor and responsible about a family’, and enrich you [by trading and by the wealth of your wife Khadijah]?)
.................................................. ...................

6 a It means: He gave you shelter with your grandfather Abdul-muttalib, then when he died, He gave you shelter with your uncle Abu Talib.

7 b To His religion by revelation and inspiration.
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[It is narrated that God’s messenger said: “I asked of my Lord a request which I wished I had not asked of Him: I said: My Lord, there were many prophets before me: to some of them You subjected the wind, and some of them revived the dead … etc.”
Therefore, His saying – be glorified – was revealed:]

(Quran 94: 1. Have We not delighted your heart [by revealing the Quran to you]?

2. And removed from you your burdensome sin a,

3. [The burdensome thing] that was cut up behind you? b

4. And exalted your fame c ?)

Find more explanation by the interpreter of the Quran and the Bible: Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly:
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I have watched all the 10 episodes of this series: Messiah .. actually I have watched it twice.

Some comments:

Many people including Jews, Christians and others believe in the transmigration or reincarnation: that the soul of the dead may embody another alive man.. here the writer of this series makes such transmigration or reincarnation.. he let this Messiah have an Iranian identity.. so he thinks the second coming of the Christ will be in this way.

No reincarnation or transmigration of souls

I don't know exactly about the second coming: In fact, Jesus Christ came -by his soul, not by his body- about the year 1947 or before it, and he inspired Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly when the latter attained 40 years of age, so he told him that he is the Mahdi: with his described features and taught him the Quran interpretation.

So if this is the second coming, will he come once again?

It may be the next coming will be of Al-Mahdi, who will explain the Quran and the Bible.. Al-Mahdi is also a christ or messieh: anointed to be the king of the Arab and Muslims and will rule in Al-Quds: Jerusalem.

We are told about the Mahdi, and how he will rule and all this is in general; we don't know the exact sequence of events.. God is the All-Knowing.
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Another point: the actor wasn't tall; the Messiah Jesus was tall (according to some tradition); God is the All-Knowing.
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The chief religious leaders are against the Christ (and the Mahdi)

This has been clearly demonstrated in this Messiah series:
The Jewish leader said he is a magician, and that he is guilty.
The Vatican representative: said they are investigating about this man.
The Muslim sheikh said he is not the true Messiah or Christ, but he is the Dajjal or the Impostor or the Anti-Christ.

Those who follow him are the common people among Muslims and Christians and some Jews who believed.

See here about Jesus Christ in the Quran: 45-64

Quran 45-51, which mean:
(45. And when the angels said: "Mary, God gives you glad tidings of [bearing a child, in spite of being virgin, who is] a Word [coming] from His [neighborhood in heaven] d , whose name [among people] is the Christ: Jesus, son of Mary e , honorable f in the World and in the Next Life, and one of those favorites brought close [before God in the ethereal heavens.]"

46. "And he will speak to people [when he will be a baby] in the cradle g , and when he will be a middle-aged man h , and will be one of the righteous [prophets. i ]"

47. [Mary] said: "My Lord, how can I have any male baby the while I have not been [sexually] touched by any human being!?"

[Gabriel, the angel,] said: "[It will be] so
j ; [for] God creates k whatever He pleases; when He decrees anything, He merely says to it: "Be!", and it is [as He wills. [COLOR="red"]l[/COLOR]]"

48. And [God] teaches [Jesus] the inscribed [tablets] m , the wisdom n , the Torah o and the Gospel p .

49. And [will make him] a messenger to the Children of Israel, [saying to them]: "I have brought to you a miracle from your Lord [namely] that I make, for you, out of mud as it were the likeness of a bird, and blew into it and it becomes a bird by the leave of God,

and I cure the congenitally blind and the albino,

and I revive the dead by the leave of God,

and I foretell you about what you eat and what you store up in your houses; surely in [all] that
q is a sign for you r if you do [indeed] believe."

50. "And [I have come to you] to attest the Torah [: the Commandments inscribed on the tablets s , which came] before me,

and to make lawful to you some [kinds of meat] that were forbidden to you;

I have come to you with an indicative sign
t from your Lord, so ward off God['s punishment; deny me not, but] obey me."

51. "Surely, God is my Lord and your Lord; worship Him [alone u ]; this v is a 'standard and straight' way [that leads to Paradise in heaven.]")
.................................................. ................................

45 d i.e. one of His angels in heaven; the Christ was surnamed "the Word of God" in heaven, then he came down to the earth and entered in the body of the fetus which was formed in the womb of Mary.

45 e i.e. his name is Jesus son of Mary, and his title is the Christ; which means: they anointed his head with the oil perfume; the one who anointed him was John Baptist. This was a custom of the Children of Israel to whom they want to assign as their king to anoint his head with the aromatic oil.

45 f i.e. respected among people; and similarly he is respected and honorable in the Next Life.

46 g in order to quit his mother of the adultery accusation.

46 h i.e. and he will speak to them too when he is middle aged, concerning the affairs of their religion.

46 i who did not sin in the time of their youth.

47 j As I have told you.

47 k in the womb.

47 l Nothing is impossible to Him.

48 m i.e. the Ten Commandments written by God on the Tablets.

48 n i.e. the admonition.

48 o i.e. the Hebrew Bible, most of which is now included in the Old Testament.

48 p i.e. and He will give Jesus the Gospel by teaching.

49 q i.e. in the curing of the congenitally blind, the albino, the reviving of the dead and foretelling about what you eat and what you store up in your houses.

49 r i.e. indicating to you that I am truly the messenger or the apostle of God to you.

50 s Which God wrote, with the pen of His might, to Moses.

50 t i.e. a miracle.

51 u And don't worship anyone else.

51 v Which I have brought to you.
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People usually adore figures.. they don't adore God exclusively :

The religion as a whole is due to God the Creator, the Almighty.
But people incline to glorify the righteous men like Jesus Christ, the saints and the Mahdi too.

People want miracles continuously, they forget about God and center on the Messiah and the Mahdi in person.
Therefore, in this series, after he departed from them: the Palestinians were disappointed.. they returned back to where they came from ... except a few among them who were steadfast to stay where they were.

The American clergy was also disappointed when the Messiah left them (being kidnapped by the Mossad: the Israeli intelligence) to the extent that he burnt his church.
But his daughter was steadfast and had more belief.
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Many people out of their hypocrisy, and their courtesy for each other, they don't tell the truth:

The truth that the Islam religion is the best of all religions, and the Quran is better than all the available books:

That is because the Quran invites people to:

>> worship God alone without associate, peer or equal.
>> believe in all God's prophets and apostles: including Moses, Jesus, Mohammed and others.
>> believe in all the heavenly books revealed by God including the Torah (included in the Old Testament), the Gospel (included in the New Testament) in addition to the Glorious Quran.

Therefore, to believe in Mohammed the messenger of God is an additional belief to the belief in Moses and Jesus and others.

In the same manner, to believe in the Quran is an additional belief to the belief in the Torah (some may call it the Tenakh) and in the Gospel.

While to believe in God as One without associate is in fact the same First Commandment which better and greater than all the other commandments. Scripture_
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Who will follow the Christ and the Mahdi?

First of all, his follower should follow God at the start, and these two: the Christ and the Mahdi will only be the God's apostles to people.

Therefore, the strict Christians and their leaders, the strict Jews and their leaders and the strict Muslims together with their leaders .. all of them are expected to contradict Jesus and the Mahdi.. because these two will be against their way of worship and will expose their fallacy and their programs.

The Christ and the Mahdi will preach God's religion: No god but God alone, which is the First Commandment.. while the strict religious are misguided when they follow the idolatry and the enthusiasm about the Christ, the saints and imams.

Hence, this series is correct at this point: the common Christians, common Muslims and certainly some Jews that worship and glorify God alone.. will follow the Messiah.

It is narrated that a large number of Jews will follow the Mahdi when he will come; some narration said: seventy thousand of Asbahan?? Jews. The word 'seventy' is used to demonstrate the large number.
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How can man distinguish the true Messiah from the Dajjal (or Impostor or Anti-Christ)?

I believed the Mahdi when I read his books of the Quran interpretation, to find it clarify every mysterious aya and give correct explanation .. which is different from the available sectarian explanations

And I saw he preach the essence of the First Commandment: to glorify God alone, and not to glorify any other being.

In addition, I saw the marks and body description [which are about 17 marks and signs ] applicable which were narrated from the prophet and from other narrative.

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How can we know the Christ or the Mahdi is truthful?

First of all, the messenger of God should preach the exclusive devotion to God alone, and against the idolatry or association.

Second: he does not preach to himself: to glorify him or to be enthusiastic about his person.

Third: there will be some marks and signs to be fulfilled with him.

Fourth: He should explain the heavenly book according to God's religion, not to the caprice and desire of the religious leaders.

In conclusion: it will be up to God's guidance: God guides whomever He please, and misguides whomever He wants to misguide.

Comment: the few number of true believers is a positive sign indicating his truthfulness.

Now ponder on this great aya in the Quran 46: 10, which means:
(Say, [Mohammed, to them]: "Tell me your opinion: What if the [Quran] is from God, and you disbelieve in it [: what will your outcome be in the Next Life, before God?] g

Moreover, a witness [: Abdullah, the son of Salam] out of the Children of Israel testifies [for you] to the similarity of the [Quran teachings to the teachings of the Torah of Moses] h ; so [the witness] believed, whereas you waxed proud [over Our messenger] i;

surely, God guides not [to the way of the truth] the wrong-doing people.")
.................................................. .....................................

10 g Won’t it be the disgrace and the Fire?

10 h It means: He testified for you that ‘the religion, the monotheism and the discarding of idols mentioned in the Quran’ is like that mentioned in the Torah; so this indicates the truthfulness of Mohammed, because his religion agrees with the religion of the previous prophets.

The witness was Abdullah, the son of Salam, who was a Jew; then he, together with a group of Jews, converted before the Prophet; he was one of the Jewish scholars.

10 i So because of being wrong-doers [: you wrong people], you did not believe in him.

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