A House Worthy of Occupancy

We are loved more by God than satan hates us. This we are assured over and over again.

But at times where the opportunity could arise and prove this out, we are left wanting. Every now and then there are subtle indicators that this may not be so. Ever the opportunists, we are told angels will assist us where required. But in one area the initiative is not present.

Take the case where one is making headway in his fight with chronic sin. His struggle against the foe warrants assistance but receives none.

In Luke 11,24, instead of clarification, it conveys this subtle revelation of our true worth. The unclean spirit wanders the wastes searching for a place, the result of the present battle within the man and his having "cleansed the house". It comes back, then goes out to search for more spirits to join him.

There is something that is not quite right with this story meant for inspiration. It sends the message we are to be on our continuous guard and ensure the house remains cleaned, but
we ask if the house is clean, why is it not worthy for 8 clean spirits to take his place?. If it is clean enough to warrant eager angels to fill the void, how are evil spirits to return. There would be no room for them.

Remember, Jesus is saying the house is cleansed, it warrants any clean being to abide there if it chose. Their IS justification for some to be there.

One would think the overpowering love of God would pore into the cleansed room, long awaited for it to be so. Angels would take the initiative and cause a barrier for the return of evil, until the next choice disqualifies the house.

One could walk out of a confessional, have an hour of reprieve, and once again feel the need to crank up the discernment machine to again do battle. This tells us there is no time wasted for the evil spirits to return and there are no good spirits there to ward them off.

It begs the questions, is a stigmatised reprobated but absolved individual destined to be restricted from cleansing graces an elect absolved individual could receive, and/or are we loved to a lessor degree than satan hates us.?

It would seem that by this absolute of God loving us more, our own efforts aside for the time being, that in situations where the individual warrants, good should always be seen to dominate over evil in quantity, and not merely seek to match the quantity evil offers. We would expect the forces of good not just attempt to neutralize the evil but provide enough grace to overthrow it,( ie: loving more, active word more.)

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You have written a fine piece there that is begging the question: Why does not God intervene when we want Him to? At least that is what I gathered>

If I could, I would like to put evil in perspective as far as being possessed by it as if there were evil angels flying around to jump in to our lives the moment we drop our guard.

To understand just what evil is, we need to look at the book of Genesis to see the origin of evil.

Prior to Adams fall, there was no evil present. WHY? Because there was no knowledge: of it. Similarly, a baby born has no knowledge of anything except to survive by attaining nourishment from the mother.

So than how does evil come into play? God placed a tree in the midst of the garden called it the tree of knowledge. Knowledge of: “GOOD and EVIL”.

Yes, God did it!

OK, since we are born, we are born without knowledge, therefore are as like Adam before the fall, innocent.

But as we grow and begin to gain knowledge, we find that we come short of God’s expectations simply because we are and exist in the flesh. The flesh is separation from God, thus death comes to the flesh regardless of who we are.

But also, along with that death, the spirit born into that flesh is also death to God and must needs to have a rebirth if it is to become reconciled back to God for the purposes of eternal life.

Hence: God in Christ reconciling the world back to Himself, by reason of rebirth of our spirit.

This in effect is what the whole bible is about, the central figure in all of it is God in Jesus.

That is why Jesus was from the beginning and that is why He is the Alpha and the Omega.

So, evil then is present in all of us, and by knowledge of it, it is up to us with Gods help to deny it in our lives.

When we become addicted to it, it is almost impossible to get cured; unless we seek Gods help spiritually to transform our minds to think differently, thus the desires of addiction are veined away.

Evil is not ghosts ready to inhabit us, but the desires of the flesh are, and that is what we have to contend with.

I hope I giving you something to think about, because the responsibility is ours and we cannot blame the devil.


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