Behold the mighty mullet


Not a reward I would be proud of. This kid is going to have issues down the road, comparisons to Joe Dirt are inevitable.

MULLET CONTEST WINNER Dakota Russ, 9, poses with his six-foot trophy. Next to him are his proud sisters, Kayla Russ, 7, (in center) and Josephine Johnson, 11, (far left). Behold the mighty mullet
By Ashley Smith
Kingsland has a celebrity of sorts living within its royal walls; it is home to a young and shy boy whose hair has been deemed "the best mullet in Jacksonville." And he has a massive six-foot trophy to prove it.

Dakota Russ, 9, stood in front of thousands of people in the pit of Jacksonville's Alltel stadium at the Monster Jam truck show Saturday, Feb. 24 and showed off his pride and glory: his long, raven mullet. He is a shy kid, but that particular day he broke out of his shell to get the crowd riled up and he had the whole stadium screaming for him.
He and his mullet won the favor of the crowd over the six other contestants and he took home not only the six-foot trophy, which, by the way, is topped with a little man who has a mullet, but he also won bragging rights for one year. This means he has the right to tell everyone and everything in sight that he, Dakota Russ, has the best mullet in Jacksonville, hands-down, no questions asked.

However, he may not vocal those rights too loudly. He is a mild-mannered, quiet type, and when asked how he felt about winning, he merely shook his head and whispered, "I am excited."

His family members, on the other hand, were very vocal and had no problem sharing their excitement.

"When they got to him the crowd went wild screaming," his mother, Rosemary Johnson, said. "I was like, ahhhhhh!"

"Yeah, we were so excited we lost out voices screaming," his 11-year-old sister Josephine Johnson chimed in.

"I was just so happy, because I had been so nervous that he would not win. We could not walk five steps without someone stopping us to get a picture," his mother said.

His mother said she has wanted to enter him into the contest for the past two years, but they were unable to make it the Jam. Consequently, this is his first year competing and his family is very excited that he won against competitors who have been in the contest previously. He plans to enter the contest in the future, but he may have some tough competition next year ... his dad may enter too.
Oh my mullets...has to be one of the worst hairstyles ever thought of..
second that. Does one have to like Nascar in order to have a mullet?
I was trying to find a picture of another horrible one, remember the one where the heads were buzzed, but the bangs were kept longish? I can't find a pic of that one...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tonington View Post

I was trying to find a picture of another horrible one, remember the one where the heads were buzzed, but the bangs were kept longish? I can't find a pic of that one...

I think I have seen that one on
He's got the haircut of an NHL pro hockey player not a NASCAR fan.
Hey, at least it's on a boy.

When I was in grade three, just turning into a self conscious young thing, I developed a rash on my head. The docs thought it was ring worm, and gave my mom an ointment to put on it. Mom spent the weekend applying the ointment, and by Sunday night, I was rushed to the hospital, as the 'rash' had grown to about the size of a golf ball, and was standing about an inch off my head. I was admitted to my small town hospital, where docs would come in, look at it, and scratch their heads. Finally, as it just kept growing and growing, I was taken by ambulance to Edmonton for emergency surgery. The doctors, in their well meaning way, shaved the entire top of my head, but decided that they ought to leave my long hair a little longer in the back, so that there was something to show off from beneath the bandages (I had to have an area of scalp roughly the size of a tennis ball amputated).

Girly mullet. Classy, classy look. I still have pictures. Once all of the skin grafts and plastic surgery was over, I was able to grow my hair back out, but it took a long time.
the Femullet is awesome, business in the front, party in the back!
El Barto
I thought it was a Mallet DOH !

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