Bin Bush's avatar

American Voice
If you want to cheer me up, get rid of that damned silly avatar. I mean it, it really bothers me.

Split from Political forum by Administration, way off topic.
I like it. Just don't look at it. Or would you like Bush's face instead?
BTW. are you a male or female? just curious.
American Voice
If it were a choice between Bush's face or his voice, I'd take his face.

Is one M or F? Well, that's interesting.
or either?
or both?
American Voice
I am convinced now that the face in the avatar composite is yours.

Consider me to be a generic.
Reverend Blair
Generic has some bad implications for me, American Voice. I bought some no-name beer once and it tasted like Labbatt's. I still have nighmares. Can I just consider you to be yourself instead?

I like bin Bush's avatar. It makes me laugh everytime I see it.
American Voice
Damned thing creeps me out, Rev. I suppose that guarantees we'll being seeing it for decades to come?

Maybe reverse psychology? Hey, Bin Bush! Love that avatar. I've downloaded it and have enlarged it for a poster to hang in the pantry. . .to frighten the mice.
Reverend Blair
Thank you all for the oberwhelming love for my avatar. Reverend Blair, Please keep laughing because this is what it is for. American Voice, please hang my poster on top of your bed. It will help you overcome the panic disorder about my avatar.
American Voice
Keep posting!
I will American Voice. Are you happy now that I'll let you use my beautiful face to be in your bedroom?
I think BinBush's avatar has character, lol You gotta love Rowan Atkinson. Yes it is a little strange of an avatar. But I like it. Only a face a mother could love... lol
Thank you LuShes.
Rowan Atkinson has a Ph.D in Electrical engineering but who would know that right?

He's my hero
You are right gnuman. Rowan Atkinson aka Mr. Beans does hold a Ph.D. in Electrical Enginnering and he also teach is it. He is an amazing man.
American Voice
Shhh. . .I think I see a spammer. Get the broom.
American Voice. Are you spamming again?
I feel the love in here

American Voice: I like your new avatar, is it you as a baby?

Btw: I share teh same last name as Mr.Bean. I emailed him once, demanding for his teddy bear in case we were long lost cousins, lol. I never got a reply, lol
After a lot of nagging about my Avatar, I decided to be real me and put my real beautiful face for all to see. I hope you'll love this one.
You got a sex change as well?
no, I was born like this. It is sooooooooo natural.
BinBush reproduced?
you got it right. I just removed my turban. Don't I look cute???? My mother told me so since day one.
For those who are new to this forum, my Bin Bush Avatar is shownbelow. This pic of me was taken before I removed my turban

American Voice
Go back to the turban.
Sam your having an identity crisis, lol
i think I do, LuShes. American Voice, I thought you hated that pic with the turban. I like my glasses now. We should have a vote about my avatar and I'll go with the majority. Either the Turban or the glasses.
I think the turban one is fine.

I am quite adored with American Voices baby picture though! What a cute baby!!!

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