Formula One

Any fans?

After a federal law in 2003 banned tobacco companies from advertising at sports events, we came really close to losing our Grand Prix. But since, a financing has been put in place to keep the race in Canada through 2006 (if I'm not mistaken both provincial and federal government contributed something like $6mil each).

Anyway, this is a big event in Montreal, with all the rich people coming here and spending.

Now it's sponsored by Bud. Ironic, isn't it? Beer's cool, cigarettes not.
Well, after this year, most of the other countries that sponsor this event are also banning advertissement from Tabacco compagnies. The difference between alchool and tabacco, is that alchool isnt bad for your health, when used in moderation. Tabacco though, well smoking it, is bad for your health in the long run.

And I agree, its a big event. not only for rich people, but for everyone. I can see the hole track from my condo, so its always exciting. I get a free spot heh. Montreal is the place to be, all summer long, not only for la F1.
I don't have so much of an opinion on this subject. The tobacco companies have used very questionable advertising in the past -- like advertising near or right infront of schools in the past.
Alright!! F1 is cool!

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