Save Don Cherry

Hi all ... I came by this site and its to save Don Cherry , have a look and sign on ...
yep i already did on a different forum
He is a bigot, racist bastard not worth saving. Let him rot in hell.
Yeah ... I can remember last time i was in Quebec and the very warm welcome i got , oh wait that right i couldn't speak french
..........>>>>>>>>>>>>Never again <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
He does say a lot of offensive things, but to each his own. My friends and I found it offensive when he implied that "French guys" we're less tough than Americans/Ontarians, because they don't wear a visors.

Anyways, I was living in Quebec during this time and a lot of my colleagues we're just outraged. So was I.
He said the French and Europeans we're less tough then Americans and Canadians... their nothing tough about not protecting yourself. It just makes you an idiot.
Let him go. I can't stand this bigot. Plus what does he do for all the money he gets but insult people?
He is supposed to be a hockey expert... Its people like him that dont allow the game to evolve.
The game has evolved plenty, just in some ways worse.

Now the 70's era, THAT was hockey's time.

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