Seagull flies away with a dog


A seagull has seized and flown off with a family's pet Chihuahua, according to its owners.

Becca Louise Hill said a gull swooped down and grabbed Gizmo "by the scruff of his neck" in Paignton, Devon. Her partner tried to grab the dog's legs to stop him being taken away.

Gizmo, four, was described as a small, brown dog, weighing 4.4lb (2kg).

Ornithologist Peter Rock told the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 seagulls were capable of picking up small animals.

Ms Hill, 24, said her partner was with Gizmo at the side of the house at 13:00 BST on Sunday.

She said: "A seagull swooped down and grabbed him by the scruff of his neck.

"My partner tried to grab his legs, but he was not tall enough and... the seagull flew away."

She said there had been no sightings of Gizmo since.

She said she would keep "looking every day" until he was found.

"It is not nice at all that one of my babies has gone," she said.
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It's kind of a common occurrence over here although it's usually eagles and hawks, not seagulls.
Ah, "frequent fliers" you say?

I can see why they didn't include the dawg's height and width in the report.

I guess when they find him that will have changed, and he will be found to be only about one or two millimeters tall and several feet wide, but he will still weigh the same...clever!
I wonder how that will effect all the facial recognition cameras.

I can see it now...."Hey Laddie, the seagull just dropped off your dog!"
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