Liberals eye testing driverless cars in Ontario

Liberals eye testing driverless cars in Ontario
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January 9, 2018
January 9, 2018 12:36 PM EST
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne takes a ride in a Lincoln MKZ driverless car during a tour of Blackberry QNX Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Centre in Kanata on July 21, 2017. Julie Oliver/Postmedia
TORONTO — Ontario drivers could soon find themselves motoring along the highway next to a car with no one in the driver’s seat.
The Liberal government is proposing to change the rules of its 10-year automated vehicle pilot project to allow for driverless testing.
Currently, the testing of fully autonomous vehicles is only allowed with a driver behind the wheel, but the government is seeking public comment on a proposal to scrap that requirement.
A Highway Traffic Act exemption would be introduced and participants would have to meet certain conditions, such as having a law enforcement interaction plan and vehicle communication with a remote operator.
Current participants in Ontario’s pilot project include BlackBerry’s QNX, Magna, Uber and the University of Waterloo.
The proposal also would allow the testing of platooning, which is when vehicles — particularly commercial ones — with smart technology communicate with and closely follow one another, something the government says may help lower fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
Liberals eye testing driverless cars in Ontario | Toronto Sun
what sort of technology is used to detect approaching vehicles? radar? video recognition?

when a motorcycle comes motoring down a highway, how is it going to detect the motorcycle so it doesn't pull out in front of the motorcycle?
I don't care how it works, I want to know if I still need insurance.
U.S. Cities Where You Can Find Driverless Cars or Buses Right Now

...and from what I see on the road.. the sooner the better.
Hoof Hearted
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My mother-in-law will still find a way to badger the on-board computer into an accident.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hoid View Post

I don't care how it works, I want to know if I still need insurance.

Yes. Were you actually questioning this?
Note to self: don't drive my vintage motorcycle down major routes.

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