CRTC looking for your opinion

- The CRTC today launched a survey to better understand why Canadians are consuming content in different ways. This survey is part of the CRTC's consultation on the future of programming distribution in Canada.

This past December, the CRTC published a reference document to help guide the consultation. It includes information and data on how and where Canadians consume content. The survey will help the CRTC understand the reasons behind these choices, such as:

  • Why do many Canadians still watch traditional TV and listen to traditional radio?
  • Why do some Canadians watch and listen online only?
  • How important is programming made in Canada to Canadians?
Canadians can participate by filling out the survey before January 31, 2018.

They can also submit their comments using the reference document or on any other issues related to this process before February 13, 2018 by:
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the crtc should be discontinued. cutomers should decide what kind of services they get. eg. phone, internet, tv, radio, etc.
The CRTC has outgrown its usefulness. Canadian talent does not need to be protected, or their work artificially supported. But the CRTC is a government arm, so abolishing it is likely impossible.

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