Douche who sucker-punched a dog walker and put him in the hospital is caught

now if they could catch all these other sucker-punch 'knockout game' animals we'd be on to something eh.

the coward

Police have arrested a suspect who they believe punched a stranger on a New York City street.

Corey Pohan, 32, of Bergenfield, was arrested by the New Jersey State Police after he tried to escape authorities by climbing onto the rooftop of the 16E/18E toll plaza on the Turnpike, police said.

NYPD detectives were bringing Pohan back to New York from New Jersey when police said he left the unmarked NYPD car at the 16E/18E toll plaza. He was not under arrest at the time, police said.

Pohan then ran to the top of the toll plaza and hid there, police said. He was eventually tracked down by New Jersey State Trooper Christopher Durning, police said.

Pohan was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing.

While being processed at the police station in Newark, troopers learned that Pohan was wanted out of New York. In addition to the criminal trespassing charge, police said he was charged as a fugitive from justice.

He is currently being held at the Hudson County jail on a no-bail warrant pending extradition to New York.

On Tuesday, Pohan allegedly punched 55-year-old Paul Martone near his home on 55th Street and 9th Avenue in the Hell's Kitchen area of Manhattan.

Authorities said Martone was walking his dog when Pohan stepped over his small, white-haired chihuahua to get to the curb.

A cell phone video shows Pohan arguing with Martone, before punching him in the face. Martone dropped to the ground instantly.

Martone sustained swelling on the brain, a contusion and a skull fracture from the fall, according to ABC. He is in stable condition at New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center, the report said.

Suspect who sucker-punched man on NYC street apprehended in New Jersey |
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Douchebag indeed. Doesn't he realize the Flock Of Seagulls haircut is sooooo 80's?
captain morgan
Maybe he's going for the rodeo clown look
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Maybe he's going for the rodeo clown look

****er sure needs to be stuck in front of a raging bull.

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