Cellphones and pot factors in CP Rail crash

A new report by the Transportation Safety Board says cellphones and marijuana use by CP Rail locomotive engineers may have contributed to a crash near Golden, B.C., last year.
More than 11,000 litres of diesel fuel spilled and 26 cars and three locomotives were tossed off the tracks when an empty eastbound CP freight rammed a westbound train hauling potash on March 3, 2010.
According to a report, no one was seriously hurt in the crash itself, but two CP employees were taken to local hospital as a precaution afterward.
Another engineer had to be airlifted to Calgary, but not because he was injured in the crash. He was so worried about testing positive for marijuana he gulped 10 litres of water, which caused him to pass out.


Cellphones and pot factors in CP Rail crash - News - MSN CA
bill barilko
Ten litres?

That would put anyone in the hospital.
Yup! Water can be dangerous. Perhaps we should put that on the restricted substance list too.

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