Whats your watermelon secret

Hi ... On those hot days i find there nothing better to eat then a nice cold watermelon but when buying one i find its hard to tell which will turn out to be really good ... So now i am curious if anyone has a good idea what to look for when buying one ??? thanks
That it isnt rotten.
Haggis McBagpipe
Hey, I want to know the answer too. Some are so good, others are awful, but as far as I can see they all look about the same in the store.

Are seeded watermelons better than seedless for flavour?
I find that trying to get the sweeter tasting watermellon. Is to get one not to large, with a nice deep green. Make sure there are no soft spots.

Try knocking on it with your knuckles, and it should give u a hollow sound like a pumpkin. Generally when its fresh it will give you a louder hollow sound.
Haggis McBagpipe
Yes! Thank you, LuShes. Watermelon is on the menu for tonight, no doubt about it.
Diamond Sun
Thanks Lushes. I did not know that. Can you use the same trick on Honeydew?? I love honey dew, but it's so hit and miss when I buy it...
Diamond Sun: I believe so...I was examining an old honeydew melon in the fridge. Tried knocking on it, and it didn't give as crip hollow sound as fresh ones. More like a muffled quiet sound.

But you never know, I think it is almost hit and miss...But here some information I found...


Apparantly you want a hollow sounding one that is yellowish on the belly, but not brown.
Hi .... LuShes ... Thank you for your info there !!! Now i have a pretty good idea what to look for ... Thanks
Yah I don't even like watermelon anymore, so no problem, lol...
American Voice
The foolproof method to be certain of getting a fresh, sweet watermelon is to go to a grocery where they sell them in halves.

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