Hi !

Hello there, I'm new here

I have been coming to this site alot now for the past year. I enjoy the commentaries and news here. But I finally decided to check out these forums, and they look like a good place to pull up a chair and have a good chat.

My name is Byron, I am 22/male from Toronto. I enjoy photography and music.

Hope to make some new friends here
Hey Byron

Welcome to the forums. Happy you decided to drop by.

What part of Toronto are you from? I live in the southern downtown core near Skydome & CN Tour.

Looking for friends? I'm always up to meet new people

By the way, you have a nice pic too.

I am in the Mississauga area. I am alllways looking for new friends! Your picture is really stunning.

I hope to become a regular here, and get to know everyone more
hey sexyboi welcome to the forums!

hope you enjoy yer stay!
Hi sexyboi,

Welcome here and enjoy your stay.
Oh nice Mississauga isn't far, sometimes work brings me out there, so I dine in Square One every now and then.

What kind of photography do you do? I love black and white stuff, it's so sexy

Check your PMs, we can exchange msn ;p
I added u, good night andem

and thanx everyone!
Not done yet! Hi! I just wanna say welcome to you too
And em Have fun!