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First time since I'm here, that I see so many registered people on at the same time.
Pretty much a normal time of the day to see that many people online registered anyways. Be nice if we decide to only allow registered users to post since its going to cut down on a lot of the confusion as well.
I was talking about that with Andem last night actually. He seemed open to the idea. Only allow registered users to post.
I'm open to the idea as well, infact Im quite for it, if most of the users are then it may infact come to be.

I'd personally prefer it that way to avoid confusion when people don't login and then post
I was in the list, therefore I'm special
My name was in bold, therefor I'm more special
I got owned
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Wow lots of people on now.
I support the idea.
most message boards are that way ... you have to be registered to post.
I'm in favour of it. Stops folks from dropping in, posting something assinine and leaving.