Let me preface this by saying I am an American, okay?

Last year, a couple who are old college friends of a sister of mine took a vacation tour in Ontario. They crossed the frontier by automobile at Niagara. The father of the family is a policeman. When questioned by the customs officer at the border, as to whether or not he was carrying a firearm, he responded in the affirmative. He was carrying his service sidearm, locked in his automobile trunk. He produced his badge and personal professional ID. When the weapon was displayed, he was informed that, although he was a policeman warranted to carry a sidearm within his jursidiction in the States, he would need to surrender it to authorities at the border, before proceeding into Canada, with which request he complied. He reclaimed it when they exitted back to the States.

I am aware that some folks are critical of Canadian customs as being overly officious, but personally I don't mind it. Living in the States, I find it soothing to my nerves to know that a haven from all our violence exists just a couple of hours up north.