The steak that looks like Putin


A SHOPPER thought he had made a mis-steak when he was stunned to see Russian leader Vladimir Putin in the freezer section of his local Aldi.

Musician Matt Gordon, 39, did a double take as he saw the uncanny resemblance of Putin staring back at him from the meat rack.

The 2.99 Aberdeen Angus sizzle steak on sale at Aldi in their Croydon, south London branch left Matt thinking someone was taking the brisket.

He told The Sun:”I was looking for something to eat for my tea and walked past the meat section when I was stopped in my tracks.

“I couldn’t believe it. I had to keep going back. The resemblance was amazing. My Aberdeen Angus sizzle steak looked just like Vladimir Putin.

“I walked past it a couple of times and each time it looked more and more like Putin.

“I had hardly any battery on my phone but I had to take a picture for my friends and when I showed them they were in stitches.”

Matt added:”I didn’t buy it in the end – I didn’t want to be responsible for sizzling Vladimir Putin who knows what might have happened to me. I might have ended up being well done myself.”

Last year we told how the face of Jesus had been spotted in a slice of toast while the Duchess of Cambridge made an appearance on a jelly bean.
wonder if the steak assassinates its enemies?
Curious Cdn
Chop it up and serve it on crackers ...

Putin on the Ritz.

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