Happy New Year !

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The Pleiades arise.
Shortest day here.
Sunrise 07.34 a.m. sunset 5.12p.m.
Think I will do a Southern Polar Bear swim, and plant some garlic.
Happy New Year from Aotearoa.
Height of summer here. Longest day of the year. A lot of Remainers would have been performing their usual weird rituals at Stonehenge this morning.

I came out of work an hour ago - 10pm - and it was still daylight.
Curious Cdn
Happy New Year !

Must be one of those Julian Calendar things.
Just getting an early start.
Curious Cdn
Quote: Originally Posted by taxslave View Post

Just getting an early start.

... a half hour later in Newfoundland ...
Happy Canada Day.
07.30 hrs, Juyly1 here.
Hi ho for me.
All the best, Canada.
Keep on rockin in the free world.
Welcome to 5780.
Curious Cdn
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Welcome to 5780.

shanah tovah!

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