Ella Eisenbahn's Epiphany

flash fiction - 488 words- a peek inside the fish bowl

Ella Eisenbahn's Epiphany

Copyright 2017 - Murph

Ella Eisenbahn was a German who hated taking the train - but it wasn't always that way. She was a 40 year old single woman who had fond memories of her rail trips before the invasion of her homeland. Where once, only the smoking car smelled of unwashed, tobacco soaked Frenchmen, now the every coach had a fetid, ripe odour of sweat and people who never bothered to clean themselves after using the washroom.

The last time she took the train, unkempt, swarthy, bearded men stared at her. It was difficult to say whether they saw her as a sexual object to be taken should the moment strike, or as a Christian whore, polluted by the teachings of Jesus. The men recognized the small crucifix she wore around her neck. They would point and speak quietly to each other in Arabic. When she had to pass through the club car, Ella held it tightly in her hand, hoping that the Lord would keep her safe from these disgusting, lurid men. After that, she vowed never to go to Italy again.

Twice a year, Ella visited the Vatican. She was a staunch Roman Catholic. One of approximately 400,000 who called Hamburg home. Her trip would take her from there to Munich, where she always stopped overnight to visit her cousin Bette, a city bus driver, who was named after the American actress, Betty Davis, her mother's favourite movie star.

Her last visit was a shock. Bette looked haggard, and much older than her 38 years.

"I have been groped several times by swarthy, bearded men on my bus." she told her cousin. "I reported it to my supervisor, but he said that he couldn't do anything unless I was injured!" Bette began to cry.

The rest of the visit was just as depressing. Bette told Ella that someone had started a petition to ban Oktokerfest in the city!

"Can you imagine? Foreigners coming here, and expecting that we will change our lifestyle for them! They knew about us before they left their homes. Who do they think they are?"

Ella shook her head and wondered how Europe had allowed itself to be duped. The continent was sinking into an abyss. Many cities across Europe were dirty and filled with squatters. Women were being raped. Violent crime had increased. Something needed to be done, but what?

Ella did not have an answer, but vowed to search for one. It was simply too much to bear. When she returned to Hamburg from her week in Italy, the confusion had lifted, and was replaced by serenity and conviction. The way forward became clear. She was just one, but more would rally to the cause. Ella vowed to find others who felt as she did.

"If they will not conform to our way of life voluntarily, then we shall bend them ourselves!"

And so it began...

You can read more about Ella Eisenbahn by not listening to CBC One.
Nine angry men flew a kite.
The dog died from old age.
Kettles must be cleaned weekly.
Clouds form at many altitudes.
A red flower. A pink shirt.
Ten times I sought refuge.
Plates fall in the fall breeze.
Ripe apples never form ripples.
Skywalker is a code talker.
Split pea soup. Ham sandwich.
Verwundet mein Herz mit eintöniger Mattigkeit.
Glasses on. Glasses off. Putz!
Hier war er ein freier mann!
Toby, shoes are for shining!
Seven swans a sleeping.
Slippers should be slippery.
Fractious, and falling around.
Squint, though vinegar is pored.
Ribald flaccidity.
Wax on. Wax off. Flamingo!
Toffee is sticky sometimes.
Three girls on a hippopotamus.
Elastic Ecclesiastes.
Press the mutton button.
Several spouses. Several louses.
Several sharp swords swung.
Kolam constantly captures.
Jubjub bleeding in a tub.
Jobar juggling juice.
Humina. Humina.
Pasha cooked the muffins.
He was influenced by an ogre.
Mesh and monkeys don't mix.
Two ribald Republicans. Ditto.
Flanks and biscuit mix too.
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Ella Eisenbahn's Epiphany

Copyright 2017 - Murph

Ella Eisenbahn was a German who hated taking the train

You would too if your name was "Ella Railroad."

Ten monkeys in a barrel.
Treated for a weeping fistula.
Concrete sets in the sunset.
Sand piles and fleas.
Fence the horses or else.

Token toking.
Oh, the keck and stench!
Raised on rate rum.
Elbow macaroni shatters.
Beat rumba boogie.
Salamanders in oil.
Mud on the doorstep.
Critical plinking skills required.
Elf burn damage.
Melon mountin militia.
Hare spray.
Fish caught near the falls.
Seven more, it is suspected.
Prevalent, but not overpowering.
Death and succession. Ave!
Creeping lentil plants threaten road.

Asphalt scars skin.
Charcoal in the toilet.
Several missing in cloud climb.
Milk made from dandelions.
Abrasive hand cream for sale.
The following message is for M.Mahood al-Fiddy.

Le chien est completement brise.
Ils mangent le petit Mac.
Le prix? Fiddy centimes, naturellement!
Ou sont les cles de la gros Ford?
Abra cadaver.
Cryptic calamine calls.
Drums in the west Congo.
Tic Tac, Tic Toc Track.
Fingernagel waltzing.
If I could only fly.
Kneeling on the ceiling.
Surrounded by Entwhistle.
Curmudgeon caught entangling fistula.
Blessed are the epistolarians.
Cast into the silver stream.
Seven men went to the lake.
He has a favourite green hat.
No one has seen the cabin.
Flour is not always white.
Please pass me a straw.
Telmar abhorrent.
Milk skin.
Serious tenure.
Blank vibration.
Banker trot.
Seminal afterthought.
Dropsy scurvy.
Naked and afraid.
Melon wang.
Evangeline's heartbreak.
Seeing through the mist.
Twelve will come riding.
Turnips rotting in the field.
Upside down clowns.
Relish crevat.
Sordid, mass pooling.
Amourous and leaking.
Dogs are different colours.
Temptation trumps torpor.
Hoof Hearted
Er...I think yer needle is stuck there, Murph.
Nelson put on the kettle.
Collin formed the alabaster bowl.
Skating all alone in the park.
Alluding to his dark side.
Bugs abound in the spring.
Triumphantly riding through the city.
A bear. A fair. And underwear.
Cogently debating the fall.
His hair was shiny and clean.
Mordantly argumentative.
Seven steps to the top.
Put onions in the gravy.
All your shoes are wet.
One divergent algorithm.
Calculate the loss of light.
Seven men in a wooden boat.
Cut the grass this morning.
The music was too loud.
The meeting is in the big room.
He announced his intentions on Friday.
Etwin swenga merhaps.
Bilt torve nosvesk.
Sindle mergent norbling.
Allof nugel smenge.
Peer alloo walting.
Cankerous tanker.
Hostile pustule.
Lulu Lala.
Hestile Poverisht.
Verdant to the sidewalk.