Court told of horrific child abuse


Phoenix Sinclair

Stepbrother testifies slain girl, 5, was choked, starved, shot with pellet gun
Court told of horrific child abuse - Nova Scotia News -


WINNIPEG — Five-year-old murder victim Phoenix Sinclair was regularly shot with a pellet gun "for fun" and was choked until she lost consciousness in a game the family called "chicken," her stepbrother told a Manitoba court Wednesday.

The 18-year-old said his father, Karl McKay, used to shoot Phoenix with his younger son’s gun and tell her to "run."

"He would shoot her for the fun of it," he testified quietly. "She would cry."

Samantha Kematch and her common-law husband, McKay, are accused of leaving Phoenix to die on a cold basement floor in 2005 after months of abuse.

The couple is also accused of trying to pass off another child as Phoenix to convince welfare investigators and the RCMP that their daughter was still with the family.

McKay’s eldest son said he visited his dad and his girlfriend at their home in Fisher River, Man., several times before Phoenix died. The girl, who used to be "chubby all over," became "skinny" by April 2005.

In the time he visited, McKay’s son said he never saw Phoenix eat or use the bathroom. When he tried to give her food, he testified, he was threatened by Kematch.

"I waited until those guys left and gave her food," he said before breaking down in tears. "They didn’t help her."

At times McKay would lift Phoenix up by the neck and choke her until she blacked out, throwing her on the tile floor "twitching," his son said. It was called "chicken" and seemed unprovoked.

"She made a weird scream," he told the court. "Like someone cut off her arm. She was screaming to death."

Both Kematch and McKay are charged with first-degree murder in Phoenix’s death. Her body was found in a shallow grave near the Fisher River garbage dump in March 2006.

In a videotaped interview with the RCMP that was played in court, Kematch said her daughter didn’t deserve all the abuse she suffered during her short life. Phoenix was sometimes forced to eat her own vomit with her hands, Kematch told the officer.

The girl was also put into a makeshift pen in the basement when she misbehaved and sometimes went "days" without clothes because she often soiled herself, Kematch said.

She wanted to help her daughter but McKay wouldn’t let her, she added.

"She’d start crying and he’d get all mad," Kematch said in the interview. "Sometimes he would just beat her for nothing."

The day before the girl died, Kematch said McKay struck Phoenix and she hit her head on the basement floor. She was left there overnight with no clothes on and wasn’t breathing the next day. The couple wrapped her body in plastic garbage bags and drove her to a wooded area, where she was buried, Kematch said.

McKay then scrubbed the basement floor and painted it, she said. She threatened to go to the police months later but was scared, Kematch added.

"I feel stupid," she said. "I knew it wasn’t right. She didn’t deserve anything like that. I think about this every day. I think about her lots . . . How I wish she was here and everything."

"I know I can’t hide from this," she said. "I knew this day would come."

Yeah feel as stupid as you want you b*tch, you're just as guilty as that chicken sh*t bastard you let get away with all of this for so long.....

If there wasn't a justification of having death by stoning or by baseball bats or hockey sticks if you like, this should be the kicker right here.

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More Information:

Murdered girl was abused 'just for the hell of it'
Murdered girl was abused 'just for the hell of it' - Nova Scotia News -


WINNIPEG — A five-year-old girl was beaten bloody with a metal rod and had her face shoved in her own vomit before one final beating left her dead on the family’s dirty basement floor, a Manitoba court heard Thursday.

Samantha Kematch and her common-law husband, Karl McKay, are accused of first-degree murder in the 2005 death of Phoenix Sinclair.

The couple is also accused of trying to pass off another child as Phoenix to convince welfare investigators and the RCMP their daughter was still with the family.

McKay’s youngest son shook and covered his face with his hands as he testified that both Kematch and McKay used to beat Phoenix, sometimes with their fists, other times with a metal rod, at their home in Fisher River, Man.

Phoenix was also shot with a pellet gun "just for the hell of it," he said. The little girl was beaten and physically stomped on so much that she just stopped crying, said her fifteen-year-old stepbrother.

After one beating, Phoenix’s knuckles were cut open and became infected but she was never taken to the doctor, he said. At night, the boy said he could hear her sobbing in the basement through the vents and he would go to check on her.

There was no heat in the basement and Phoenix would be "curled up in a little ball" without a blanket, he said. When he tried to turn on the heat downstairs, the boy said he was yelled at.

Sometimes, Kematch would laugh while her daughter was being beaten or choked unconscious, he testified.

"I would look at their faces and I wouldn’t see no tears or nothing," the boy said. "No remorse."

He said the day she died, his father beat Phoenix and stomped on her head and her chest. McKay left her on the basement floor while Kematch watched.

When the couple left the house to visit McKay’s father, the boy said he went down to check on Phoenix and thought she was playing dead.

"I just touched her back," he said. "It was all cold. Her eyes were open. I put my hand on her mouth. She wasn’t breathing."

When the couple returned to find Phoenix’s lifeless body, the boy said they didn’t show any emotion. He was told to "watch your baby sister. We’re going to the dump and bury her," the boy said.

"They were both in it together."

Both Kematch and McKay told him not to tell anyone what happened to Phoenix, he said. When the boy returned to his father’s house several weeks later, he said the basement had been cleaned and the floor painted.

Phoenix’s body was found in a shallow grave near the garbage dump in Fisher River, Man., in March 2006.

Kematch’s defence lawyers have argued that McKay was in charge of the household and doled out the harshest beatings.

The Harshest Beatings? Fk'n idiot.... a Beating is still a beathing no matter how you try and sway it.


In her cross-examination, lawyer Roberta Campbell suggested that Kematch never stomped on her daughter or forced her to eat her own vomit.

"Yeah, but she was there," the boy testified. "She was standing there. She didn’t say anything. She was just watching."

Yeah, exactly.... hang both their asses..... no wait, that's too good.... I retract back to my stonning concept..... friggin splatter their heads all over the place, they don't diserve mercy or their lives..... if they can't even have compassion for their own children they are supposed to care for, then why the hell should the public have any compassion for them?
This sounds like the story of Sylvia Likens.

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