For the 90 people viewing, stop reading and sign up!

I noticed that 90 people are viewing this site as guest. I formally invite you to sign up to this great forum we'd love to meet you.
Hear, hear!

Agreed entirely.

Start signin' it up, yo!
What our guest don't know is that if you arn't a member you can't see our really cool aviators. You can't visit the members only Wrecked Beach, and what a beach it is. If you sign up tonight you will get a signed picture of our Fearless Leader Haggis. Yes, you heard me a free signed picture. Ladies if you are looking for that special someone we have a Stately Gent named Zoofer that is looking for love. And he's loaded.
Haggis McBagpipe
How could they resist, with that sexy babe Sassy strutting along, flashing that garter belt.

And who could resist the vibrant colours in Five's . . . WAIT a minute, ANOTHER post without the colours? Dead Five walking, I'm here to say.

Anyway, dear guests. Do come in. Dinner is served, please choose your seat amid the stunning selection of threads that we have available to you.
It should be noted that I would think we have far fewer aviators than we do avatars here at Canadian Content . And yes, Your Most Excellent Majesty , my sincere apologies! I am remiss in my duties as the Minister of Post Formatting and Minister Responsible for the Status of Colours !
Come on silent readers, sign up and come for a visit. We still have a few signed pictures of Haggis left, they're going fast.

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