​Caught on tape: Brave cat faces mountain lion & isn't the slightest bit scared

​Caught on tape: Brave cat faces mountain lion & isn't the slightest bit scared

Big things come in small packages – and one little house cat was full of a huge amount of bravery when it stood face-to-face with a mountain lion that made an appearance in its backyard. The two felines stared straight at each other through a glass door.

At first it seems like the mountain lion may just want to make a new friend, as his sizable paw appears to be waving at the small cat.

But once the house cat lets out a few “meows,” the mountain lion gives a bit of a hiss – although this could be mountain lion language for “hello.”


The footage was filmed by comedian Tom Mabe, while he was visiting friends at their house outside Boulder, Colorado.

When his wife sees the backyard visitor, she quickly asks “Where are the kids?”

In true comedian style, Mabe sees an opportunity for a joke, telling her they're in the backyard – even though they're safely tucked away in bed.

This predictably triggers a bit of panic from his wife, who shouts “Tommy! Are you kidding me?”

Her shouting startles the mountain lion, prompting it to cautiously step back and swagger away a few seconds later.

It pauses halfway up a hill, taking one last look at its new kitty friend (or foe).

A second cat is also seen in the video, although it is much more timid than his furry friend, keeping its distance while observing the mountain lion.

source: http://rt.com/usa/269479-cat-mountain-lion-showdown/
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My dogs are super brave when theres glass between them and danger too.
Time to put up a fence. How can they ever let their kids go out back again?
Cats are mostly really stupid about that kind of danger, just like small dogs. They do not have human thought processes.
personal touch
after 5 minutes,"where's the kids"?this was funny.

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