Hamilton Speed Trap

The Hamilton spec allowed readers to comment on the story, Hamilton named 2nd place in speed trap capital of Canada. The comments section was up until people started commenting. I read two before the comments section disappeared. It doesn't matter how mild the story is, if it involves policing, no comments are permitted for long.

My favourite speed trap is the overpass of the 403 on king street. One speed limit just before the overpass, one increased speed limit on the overpass, immediate reduction on the west side of overpass and speed trap 20 meters from sign posting reduced speed. Why do they increase speed for just the length of the bridge? I understand increase speed limits on the ramps to get up to highway traffic, but increase speed for King street for a hundred meters?
lone wolf
My guess would be to catch speeders....

My favourite was in Greece NY - and a half-sized 25 MPH sign mounted on a tire rim.

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