Legalize Marijuana!

I think pot should be legalized. People smoke fags. Why cant they smoke pot? Fags are worse then pot, with more chemicals! At least pot has some medical properties to it that could help the general public. [/b]
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Weed is not better than pot. Chemical count is about the same. But did you know Marijuana contains 40-50 times MORE tar than an average cigarette?

It kills braincells and renders your brain useless over a period of time and with a lot of people this is no reversable.

Marijuana should only be used for medicinal purposes to ease the pain of diseases such as cancer. As for the full out legalization of it, I don't think this should happen.
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Weed is not better than pot.

Of course its not, its the same friggin thing Heh.. you should proofread before clicking Submit.


Marijuana should only be used for medicinal purposes to ease the pain of diseases such as cancer. As for the full out legalization of it, I don't think this should happen.

It should be legalized for medicinal purposes, as terminally ill patients sometimes require it to function in everyday life. However, this is not going to stop people from buying it, the government is missing out on tax dollars here, and hey who are we kidding, if they can add a tax to it to sell it, they probably would. $4+ tax on cigarettes.. lmao get real. They have their grubby little hands into everything now adays.
Like the government doesnt tax us enough already?

Legalizing it might be a good idea. But it should be sold in limited quantities. Just like how the convenient store can refuse to sell you alcohol if you seem too intoxicated.
Let's add a little more fun to this world and legalize it EVERYWHERE!

Tsha, you know vhat? I smoke a looooot of weed.
hell yea!! weed rules! (a dutchie says so )
Even though there are cons to having it legalized, should make Canada a more interesting place if its legalized!
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Even though there are cons to having it legalized, should make Canada a more interesting place if its legalized!

Welcome to the new Canada, home of drunken citizens, hockey players, and stoned snow boarders. Even if its not legalized in any form, it wont make much of a difference, those who use it now will, and those who dont wont. I could imagine the protests and rallies for and against this that would be raised all over the country.

Medicinal legalization should take place, the total legalization is up to our government whom judging by some of the things they've been doing have started their own grow Ops.
I do agree it should be legalized, but I dont know in what fashion, it should be available to patients who need it, but i dont know if a full legalization of marjuana is wise
I agree with you. I believe those who are terminally ill and suffering should not be punished for using the drug for a medicinal purpose. I also think that the guidelines to use it for a medicinal purpose should be strict. Not like if someone broke their rib, they obviously shouldnt be allowed to use it. As for full legalization, I dont know if Im FOR or AGAINST it yet. Marijuana does have its place as a recreational drug, and that never will change wether it is fully legalized or not. People will still be able to find it easily and use it.

For example, some Olympic snowboarders use it as a recreational drug.. LOL sorry had to toss that one in here somewhere. hehe
The pot/weed/marijuana of today is NOT pot/weed/marijuana! It is full of chemical additives. These chemicals are STIMULANTS! Just ask people (someone such as myself) who now have heart problems BECAUSE of smoking what passes for pot today. Ever feel your heart pound, or your heart skip beats! That is because of the stimulants!

Pot is NOT supposed to stimulate you! It IS supposed to mellow you out man! Chill! Ya know! I grew up in the 70's when pot was pot. 50$ for a FOUR FINGER bag of REAL gold, or lambsbreath! Anyone remember that!

Now THAT, was real!

2nd, do you really want to see teenagers, YOURS, smoking weed in your own backyard! Todays weed! I don't think so, and anyone who says otherwise doesn't have any kids.

My caveat is this, I DO believe that terminally ill patients have the RIGHT to determine their eventual outcome in WHATEVER way they see fit. However, I do NOT believe the FEDS have ANY idea how to grow the stuff. We will see.
You have a very good point daTerminehtor. The reason I don't smoke weed is because of those additives.. Chemicals are a terrible thing to put in your body at anytime.... There is a reason we have processes which all drugs go through to approve them.... Look at the United States, they have so many drugs we don't have and for what reason? Canada has stronger policy about these matters.

The feds do know how to grow mary jane, but it's a matter of keeping it all there and parting with it! lol.

Medicinal purposes = yes.... Everyday drug = no, don't kill your brain.
I believe the Feds do know how to grow pot. It doesn't get the name" Weed "because it's difficult to grow!

As for pot today not being the pot of the 70's is true ,to a certain degree.
Additives or chemicals where added to pot in the 60's & 70's as well as today .
Stuff like Gold and lambsbreath are still around just under different names.
Today's pot is the result of a lot of hybrids of different strains. Plus most pot today is grown locally and is usually more potent then the imported stuff. It's like buying Californian fruit ,which loses some of it "goodness"in shipping,as opposed to buying local fruit....which is better???

As for legalizing it...well Alcohol and tobacco are legal and we all know what they do!!
I think the key word here is moderation and regulation ie: the feds ,and knowing what you smoke, drink,etc.
It should be legal, I mean its not like Im shooting up with heroine or something similar. Alcohol is just as bad if not worse for you than Marijuana is.

I think its just about how the government would control it, so people wouldnt just be growing their own and selling it still. Once the government gets their grubby little hands into it, you can STILL expect that growing and selling of marijuana will be illegal unless its by one of their authorized stores.

Canadian Weed Stores? heh be interesting nonetheless.

Ah well *rolls a joint sits back and enjoys life*
Mary J should be legalized and taxed immediatly if for no other reason than to piss off the US! They screw us with illegal duties on tomatoes, lumber and a host of other products, let us show them we still have some self initive and take our own path.
the above is a little off base but the legalization and taxation in BC would be a great idea.

Right now every year in BC over $1 billion, yes billion is grown and exported or consumed every year. Yet the only people making money are criminals. Stats in BC show that 1 in 3 people smoke mary J at least once a month! Mary J is less dangerous than alcohol and tabacco by a large degree. Yet alcohol and tabacco is freely available and taxed. Putting a tax on the legal trade of marijuana will take the money out of the criminals pockets, allow normal people to take their personal free choice to put whatever they want into their own lungs and not have to worry about being arrested for it. but best of all the tax dollars generated would help offset any of the health issues that are already arising from the current illegal use in which no funding is being raised. With a 10 percent tax applied to the Mary J in BC alone the money raised would help pay for all the budget shortfalls the hospitals, schools and other institutions now face due to cutbacks by the provincial government. Also the tourism industry from south of the border would bring in much american $$ as other people wishing to excersise freedom of choice chose to smoke Canadian weed.

The only stipulation I would put on the sale would be an age requirment. It would be the same as the legal drinking age that each province has established for its citizens.

To those morons who have probably never even sampled Mary J yet want it kept illegal your biggest arguement that marijuana damages your brain is just plain false propaganda of the failed American drug war. In my close circle of friends, we all went to university, all smoked weed every single day, sometimes more than once and we all graduated on time, we all hold jobs( 1 lawyer, 2 police officers, 2 business owners, 1 draftsman, 1 programmer, 1 special effects guru) have families and no criminal records or health problems. The false propaganda that follows marijuana is just that, false. The only reason mary J is still illegal is the doing of our paranoid friends to the south.

Did you know that Canada has allowed DEA agents to set up shop in Vancouver to conduct investigations on Canadian citizens?
That's also a good point. Taking the money out of criminal's pockets. But yet, this just proves that we follow the united states on everything we do. Take a look at holland, the population has not suffered because they allow mary jane (its actually a grey area in the law).

Legalizing it for medical use was a pretty big step, now all we have to do is allow it in shops. Our economy would boom if we allowed marijuana!
Marijuana should be legalized and controlled by the government. We all KNOW its less harmful for us them cigarettes and alcohol. And as for the 1 billion a year industry here in BC, Im sure its really much larger than that.

The government would probably tax it by at least 16% or more, and lets say it is 1 billion a year the industry does make (which I think is a gross under-estimate), the government would be bringing in totally new revenue of $160 million per year. That would like czardogs said, be spent nicely to help with our ailing hospitals, and school districts which are ALL fighting the inevitable to stay open, and keep privatization at the back of most peoples minds, including their own.

I will go out on a limb here and say probably 1 out of every 20 people smoke marijuana in this country. The taxable income the governments would make is just sheer insanity. But they wont? Why not? Their financial backers, and supporters all have their own views which are pushed onto whoever is running said party. Everyone (aside from Cretein essentially) has admitted to having smoked it or to be smoking it.

We are in the time and age where it should be legal, obviously there is a large group of people in our country who smoke MJ otherwise we wouldn't have as large of grow operations here. True a lof of it does get exported, but a lot of it also stays here in the country.

But thats just my 2 cents, and after the government taxes my 2 cents, Im sure I'll owe them money
16%? Maybe not! Lets think a bit higher, maybe 50-100%! Look at cigarette taxes for an example.
Quote: Originally Posted by Andem

16%? Maybe not! Lets think a bit higher, maybe 50-100%! Look at cigarette taxes for an example.

16% was an example, I dont think they want to overtax it and have illegal operations still going. I think the whole point of legalization is to get it away from the mom & pop growers and have the government or some appointed organization produce it for them. If they overtax it, sure its legal to smoke and buy, but you can bet your bank it wont be legal to grow it.

Over taxation on it would mean a lot of people would continue to grow it, which after legalization would be one of the major concerns. Maybe my 16% random number was a little low, but if they had a tax much too large on it, the problem with grow ops springing up every 400m would continue like it is now.
it will happen, maybe not in our lifetime, but it will be legal. alcohol went through same thing!
*takes a toke and passes it around the boards*
To all the people who think pot has additives prove it. Everybody thinks just because it's grown hyrdroponically it has all these chemicals. You can still get the same quality stuff as in the 70's it would just be considered crap. It's just a more effecient way of growing (the plants get more light and nutrients).

The only real reason anyone can tell me I shouldn't smoke is because of the smoke itself...however I use a vaporizer and I don't inhale any smoke.

All I can say is keep making it illeagal, and I keep making pot and making money. I stop for no law. They legalize, I stop, and the government makes the money. All you people against legalization think about it this way....if it stays illegal everything will go on as usual you will still get a rising number of people using drugs, a rising crime rate, and murder rate. In fact the murder rate has only been this high once during the prohibition. Because pot is illegal we have gangs and we are bassically handing them money. We make it legal where are they going to make their money? They can't compete with the corner store (not unless it's been taxed astronomically.
It will most likely get taxed astronomically. However, think about this... Instead of the organized crime guys getting all the money it would go directly to the government which means it would trickle back down into programs that they "need to cut back on", this would be great for the devistating school budget shortages and for Health Care.

I think that the money collected by legalizing and selling marijuana (by the government) would help us out in the long run. In a recent study over 34% of all Canadians already smoke it.. think about that vast number, millions of people, lets say they spend $15 for a gram. The government would probably charge $12 or so a gram with tax included. Multiply that by about 3 million people, and you can see the effects it would have on our economy. It would be beneficial.

Of course if it was ever legalized here, you can expect our friends to the south to start bitching as Canadian grown MJ ALREADY gets smuggled across the borders like hell.

I think it would be a wise move to de-criminalize this drug, and hey the Senate agrees

Its still some ways off from it actually being de-criminalized, but the government has finally seen the light and it will only be a matter of time. I think they have seen the potential revenue it could bring into our falling economy. Imagine all the people who would come here to vacation if it was a legal drug!

The Senate has also hinted at lowering the allowed Blood Alcohol limit to .04 from .08 when combined with marijuana, so they are obviously very serious about their intentions. Wether or not the house agrees, it will be very interesting, but this has been a long time coming.

I wouldn't start to celebrate yet, but its definately a small victory for all Pro-Marijuana users and the Marijuana Party members!
I agree. It sure seems that all the people that don't want pot legal haven't really experienced it. To me it is like having a cup of tea. very benign.

Once you do experience it you will realize that it is a safe drug and then it becomes even clearer that there is a BIG conspiracy going on against the plant.

Good for Canada!! Show stupid America.


An American hoping for a less dumb America
Nicely put.. you know you should start a political party there in the US call it "Americans hoping for a less dumb America", has a nice ring to it. (Im serious) hehe
That would probably go over well with most of the general public its straight and to the point
Weed should be legal, I love getting high. its the best part of my day
marijuana should be legalized and for those of you who know nothing about the plant and it's healing properties should not be writing to this forum. for one, it has way less addictive properties than nicotine or alcohol and is a lot better. So please find out the facts before going on the net and spreading bullshit.
I think the point the other guys were trying to get at is it can be abused like anything else like alcohol for instance. Just to clarify where (i believe) they stand on it.
argh! so many freakin stupid people! FIRST OFF! MARIJUANA IS GOOD! SECOND! STOP DEBATING IT IF YOU HAVENT TRIED IT! only those who have experienced it should even be considered in this debate, since only first hand can people experience the true feeling of cannabis smoking. it contains more tar than tobacco. THATS ABOUT IT. Whoo hoo, tar. beats the hell out of cyanide and all the other crap in cigarettes. if anything, it should be treated like a spice. so it gets you high if you smoke it. big whoop. once its legal, all the people doing it for image will stop, cuz it isnt gonna b cool anymore. use had decreased after it was decriminalized in the netherlands. stick that in your pipes and smoke it