A Must See Documentary

This is a trailer for a documentary that was initially canceled by after threats from the Iranian government.


Library and Archives Canada canceled the original screening of Iranium on Tuesday after receiving threats of protests and complaints from the Iranian government against the film, which calls Iran a nuclear and terrorist threat. The move was met with public outcry and an impassioned reaction from Heritage Minister James Moore, who instructed the arm’s length agency to reschedule the event and stressed that the Harper government would not let Iran “dictate” what films can and cannot be shown in Canada. Foreign Affairs sent a diplomatic note to Tehran on Wednesday, stressing Canada’s commitment to free speech.

Read more: Iranium will be screened at Library and Archives Canada in February | Posted | National Post

YouTube - Coming Soon on DVD... IRANIUM
This is fear mongering propagandist garbage, and I almost had to vomit simply just watching the trailer. What the hell is up with the random clips of American troops being attacked in Iraq like this has anything remotely to do with Iran or nukes?

"If Iran had the nuclear weapon, it could essentially hold other states to it's desires"
What the ****? Haven't the Americans been doing this since they had the nuke?
As well, isn't that the whole objective of the CIA overthrowing foreign governments and installing puppet regimes ? So they can "hold other states to it's desires"...??

"We've allowed them to believe they can literally get away with murder"
The American government has been getting away with murder since the slaughter of Native Americans in the late 19th century ..

How can you take this garbage seriously knowing the hypocrisy of it all?
Bar Sinister
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I'll probably give it a look when it is shown on TV. Anything that annoys Ahmadinejad can't be all bad.
Free Thinker
I usually like to avoid hate propaganda.

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