Montreal (English Speaking Jobs In Montreal)

is it hard to find jobs in Montreal if you aren't fluent in French. I'm an Irish student heading to Canada with 2 friends this summer. We really really would like to go to Montreal but it looks like we might be forced to go to Toronto because I hear you have to be bilingual to work anywhere in Montreal. Is this true? Aren't there English speaking quarters???

I would appreciate any help!

Not knowing French is indeed a handicap for finding a job in Montreal. But that cetainly doesn't mean you couldn't find anything if you have a minimum of French. You may not be able to sustain a conversation but you may be able to answer basic questions... And not all jobs require constant verbal communication.

You would have A LOT more chances looking in the the West part of Montreal... You might as well forget about the East.

And Toronto is a lot more expensive than Montreal it seems... Someting to consider. I can't talk about Toronto because I've never been there but I know you'll have lots of fun in Montreal in the summer.
Haggis McBagpipe
Welcome, tywy! I can't answer your question, since I'm on the West Coast, but welcome anyway. Keep posting and reading here on CanadianContent before your trip and you'll get a good feel for Canada before coming over. You're going to love your trip!
thanks a mil
tywy... WARNING!!!!

Do not consider Montreal, I, myself only live 2 hours from there, went there last year, wouldnt be the place to be, I mean its crazy over there, crazy drivers, lol and its mainly french speaking, but I would have to say that I am bilingual, but you can always find a job, in other places, like Ottawa, which you can benifit to work anywhere, you can try to find yourself a job, but not so lucky in the Government but you can always try...

Hope this helps,
As an anglo who has lived in Montreal I can tell you that it can be hard to find a job if you're not bilingual, however, it is not impossible. There are always tele-marketing jobs which primary phone the States so if you get desperate you can always try your luck there. I once worked at a school supply distribution depot on St. Patrick's street, I can't remeber the name but, for about 2 months I was working 6 days a week.
I'm from Montréal and there's two websites to find a job here.

Montreal jobs:
I forgot to tell you good luck.

Have a nice day!

P.S: It's true that we are crazy drivers... But during summer, festivals are amazing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Olympicfan

I forgot to tell you good luck.

Have a nice day!

P.S: It's true that we are crazy drivers... But during summer, festivals are amazing.

now we should be less crazy. since everywhere police is watching with radars.

Unbelieveable. they are everywhere. last time I was coming back home. in the small streets. they were checking drivers who missed stop signs.

The other case. one is staying in bus stop, the other in his car in other street. You wouldn't know that the person on the bus stop is police.

be carefu!
hi tywy,
I don't know if you already came to Canada.

It's true that without french you will find a job with difficluties.

Speaking English does not mean that only West Island is an option. The girlfriend of my friend, only with English found a job in downtown of Montreal. If you learn basic french before you come to Monreal, your chances to find a job in downtown of montreal is higher.

You can always consider telemarkeings as Lotuslander said. or, you can see job agencies. They can place you in a job where being bilingual is not important.

Hope to see you in montreal

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