Manitoba Air Force

Ten Packs
Well, Rev - it's almost April. How long do you figure before you see the first scout-fighters? Mid-May or so? Or does it have to get really hot first?

Is it true there's a new law this year that you have to report the tail ID number after you swat 'em?
Reverend Blair
It will likely me mid-May before they're out, Ten Packs. This year promises to be bad though, we've got far more snow than usual and the ground is saturated from last fall. There's going to be a lot of standing water.

DEET works though. I'm thinking of building a Purple Martin house too, or maybe a bat house. Maybe both for 24 hour coverage.
i would be curious to know how the bat house works out for you. how about a couple of pet lizards? god, i can only imagine how awful those damn critters can be. keep us posted. yeah, but wait a sec....don't bats only fly around at night fall? is that when the buzzards are at their worst? i thought they were airborne during the day, and kinda took it easy during the dusky hours. (for refueling)
Reverend Blair
Dusk is always the worst time for mosquitoes, galianomama. They don't like the direct sun much. That makes insect-feeding species of bats ideal for keeping their numbers down. The bats are waking up and looking for breakfast at just the time the mosquitoes are at their worst.
Hey Rev are the moquitoes out at Lake Winnipeg still big enough to screw chickens? :P
Reverend Blair
Yup. They are even bigger than usual up there. Around Dauphin Lake too.

They aren't as bad as the bugs in Thunder Bay have to go all the way up to Thompson to get chewed on like that here.
Yea i remember the bugs in Thompson my uncle used to be a computer programer up there I used to hate going up there as a kid I got ate alive every time
Ten Packs
Quote: Originally Posted by Reverend Blair

They aren't as bad as the bugs in Thunder Bay have to go all the way up to Thompson to get chewed on like that here.

"gettin' chewed on". Oh, the memories.........

Too bad you could not send the "air force" to that prick editor Frederic Smith of the Bismark Tribune for what he says about water diversion. "Prick"

and and here for full article from his newspaper.

Some assine comments about how the NDP are extreme and about WMD. Nut Job if you ask me.
Reverend Blair
Fred Smith is an idiot. He's like Bill O'Reilly or that moron with the bow tie.

The North Dakota official they quoted started jumping through hoops as soon as the story hit here because, as soon as it hit, people began talking about boycotting North Dakota. We have a much longer list of reasons...BSE, BMD, softwood lumber, attacks on the Wheat Board, the hog duty that was found to be illegal, their constant threats on our water, the continued existence of George Bush on the planet, their refusal to get Canadian currency and then the way they complain when some store clerk can't give them the exact exchange rate they want. The call-in shows about this were very interesting.

Smith ignores some other things too...little facts like Manitoba having several US states on its side. North Dakota, it seems, has a long history of dumping its problems on its neighbours.

What the North Dakota tourism people are afraid of is that we will boycott them in return. A lot more money flows south than comes north and Minnesota, a state that's backing Manitoba on the Devil's Lake issue, isn't that much further a drive.

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