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Canadian Content is open arms to bilingual conversations. We've recently opened a forum for people wishing to chat in French about a variety of topics. Since Canada is a bilingual country, we urge you to use whichever language you are most comfortable with. On that point, the forum titled Discussion Française is designed for the use of the French language only, but with everything in life, you're also free to make your point in English also, if necessary.

If you have any other ideas for forums which you would like to see featured on Canadian Content, please feel free to post it in the Community Support Forum.
Belle initiative.
Tout grâce à une certain membre. Je suis très surpris de l'ouverture d'esprit des administrateurs.

I may have to brush up on some of my french. Will be interesting to see how much I know.
I'm sure you can dig far down Hopefully, we can build a solid french community here, dealing with french speaking issues. Québécois issues for the most part I must say.
Might see me in there a bit, albeit my french is a little more than rusty.. been awhile since uni level french :P
I live in Quebec but am rusty, not sure if it's the language or me

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