Mandatory bag checks for Stampede this yr

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First time in history.

But it's only because we have sooo many Muslims in Calgary and in Canada,,, you just never know when they are going to strike,,,,bastards!!

2017 Calgary Stampede: mandatory bag checks among new safety measures - Calgary |

Here's a Muslim women who commits terrorism at a Canadian Tire store.

Your just not safe anywhere with these idiots around,,, you can't even go to a Canadian Tire store anymore without a possibility of Muslim terrorist there.

14 terrorism charges laid against woman accused of threatening Canadian Tire employees with knife - Toronto - CBC News
The common or usual suggestion in this forum, is for you to hide under the coffee table......
bag check?..what do ya mean no, yah mare?

usually we do the bag check with the end of the stick without the blade on it
Curious Cdn
They're gonna be patting down yer big, silver belt buckles, cowpokes.
How many have you won riding bareback on the gay rodeo circuit?
Curious Cdn
Quote: Originally Posted by petros View Post

How many have you won riding bareback on the gay rodeo circuit?

I don't "do" Midnight Cowboy.
buncha pwr bttm broke backs

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