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Teachers' union mad Walmart wants to give teachers free supplies

Walmart is asking customers to nominate their favorite teachers to win school supplies and a $490 gift card (approximately how much the average public school teacher spends out of pocket on classroom supplies).
For whatever reason, the promotion to give free supplies and money to teachers has the Washington Teachers' Union up in arms.
The Washington Post reports that Washington Teachers' Union President Elizabeth Davis called the promotion a "cynical coverup." Other union members called it "deceitful" and "bogus."
Their criticism focuses on the Walton Family Foundation's support for public charter schools. A union press release says the foundation is "one of the country's biggest funders of school privatization efforts, or charter schools." The foundation has given more than $2.3 million to the D.C. Public Charter School board.
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A man offers an orange to a child and the child rips the orange from the man's hand.

The embarrassed mother is shocked and says...

"What do you say to the nice man!"

The child hands the orange back and says...

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