Another briton looking to move to Canada


I hope you are all well.

Myself and my partner are considering making the move to your lovely country however we dont know how - we havent really started investigating the idea properly. What is the best way to look into moving? What do we need to know?

Do you find alot of britons moving to canada? We went to toronto for a 2 week holiday a few years back and loved it. We dont even know which area to look into... We are both young, i am 22 and hes 28. He is an UAT analyst tester and I work in admin. Any advice would be great.

Many thanks,
Hello and welcome.
Check this link and you should find most of the information you need to immigrate to Canada.

Best of luck.
Welcome to Canada :P
Where it is no longer considered as winter country hehe
Except North..its always cold there.
I read in some financial magazine that all things considered (income, climate, disposable income, commuting etc. Ottawa was the choice.

But Toronto still tends to be the destination of choice.

I'd recommend living a maximum of 50 minutes commute from the city. Preferably northeast, and actually, there's a nice place up the road for sale...

We just came in from watching the sun set from our backyard sitting in hammock chairs hanging from our 125 year old Manitoba Maple drinking Guinness in full belief we've died and gone to heaven.

Yup, this is where it's at! We had the biggest excitement this weekend when Tim and the rest of the volunteer fire department had to pull a tourist's car off the sidewalk stairs leading down to the corner store....yep, big excitement!

Hi Nik, always a good idea to check all the online real estate sites, banking sites and schools information before you move and get acquainted with the difference in salaries. All the best with your move I'm sure you'll love the change!

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