Hello all want to move to canada

Hello everyone Me and my girlfriend plan to move to canada very shortly and we need to know some good places for work and rental property.
If you know any web sites with good prices and info on rentals it would be a great help.
We were thinking of moving to ST Johns in NL but cant find any web sites with rentals in that area... or any area actualy.
Were is the best place also for jobs and moderate rental prices? Any help would be great.
st john's sure isnt the best place for jobs. spose it depends what u want to do there though. it's a great town
I live in St. John's. It definately isn't a great place for employmwnt but it is a really amazing place. But of course it really does depend on what you want to do for a living. If you look up the Telegram newspaper it has decent classified ads. This will work for housing... but I suggest looking up employment opportunities on the government human resources website hrsdc.gc.ca). I actually rent a place just outside the city and it is cheap and beautiful. I am only ten minutes from downtown too.
Depends on what you do and what you have training in.
I'd say look at Nova Scotia [Yes I am bias, but duh! ]

Websites.. ok here ya go:





good luck and hope you make it.
Job market is warmer now in Canada. Good luck!

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