Are they the natural disasters?

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When somebody falls and breaks his hand .. is it by accident as most people think? .. in fact it is not!
This one has done some offense like stealing or transgressing on the weak and others, and so he slipped, fell and broke his hand.

So it is not natural in fact; it is the penalty.
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You are some kind of stupid!

You probably fell on your head as a child!
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Therefore, God - be glorified - stated this in His glorious Quran 42: 30, which means:
(Whatever affliction may visit you is [only a punishment] for [the sins and wrong-doing] that your own hands earn;

and He pardons many [of your sins and wrong-doing.
c ])
.................................................. ....................

30 c So that He does not hasten to punish you accordingly.

It means: God does not hasten to punish you, people, according to every sin you do, while every affliction or mishap that afflicts you is only because of your sins and your wrong-doing.
Better quit humping your neighbour's goat or your pekker will fall off.
It’s a neutral disaster.
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This is applicable to individuals and communities, to peoples and countries.

So when the wrong-doing and transgression increases among people, and they contradict God and His messenger and His book, then the penalty will befall them.

This also is stated in the glorious Quran 30: 47, which means:
(And before you, [Mohammed], We did send, [many] messengers to their people, and they brought them the manifest signs [of their truthfulness, but they denied the messengers and were guilty in regard to them];

so We took vengeance upon the guilty; and it was ever a duty, incumbent upon Us, to help the believers [and so We helped them.]
What happens when a nation's air force are completely wiped out on the ground, their armored divisions are decimated, and their troops are routed from the battlefield?
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The meeting of the two devils Trump and Putin

Before they met together, Putin declared that he was not against the USA, but merely he wanted to share with the USA!

Then when they met together, they were alone with their two translators only and none else with them in the room of meeting.

Why was this and what did they want to discuss or deal among themselves alone .. not before the world publicly?

They wanted to share in the booty among themselves .. concerning Palestine and the Zionists .. concerning Iran and the Kremia or other neighboring regions .. etc.

If you think and contemplate: at least Trump is provoked by the Wicked Zionists of Tel Aviv to make some dealing with the Russian, like the trade dealing: give me and I give you .. etc.

So I was much annoyed because of these two tyrants and transgressors.

While God is All-Mighty: He can crush them immediately like two mean insects .. but God has His plan, and I find in the Quran 40: 68, which means:
(It is He Who makes [the inanimate] alive, and causes death [of living beings] b .

When He decrees an affair [to create a man or an animal], He merely says to it: "Be [a new creature!]", and it is [as He likes.]
.................................................. ..........................

68 b It means: He is All-Able to do this and that.

What does this mean? It means everything is moving according to God's plan, and His decree will be done and His promise will be fulfilled.

================================================== =======


The criminals of Tel Aviv think that now they have the power and circumstances to conquer and subject the Palestinian, after robbing their country and property, and after humiliating them in various ways.

In fact, every criminal will almost keep to his crimes thinking he may not be captured and punished.

So likewise the Zionists of Tel Aviv imagine now that they may do whatever they like to enslave and banish the Palestinian and to possess the entire Palestine and to destroy the Aqsa mosque .. which will lead to their inevitable end as it is promised in the Quran and the Bible. s_
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