How many will watch "Rocky Horror Picture Show" this Halloween

I just love that move. I might go down to watch it at a local theatre when it plays. Have to be careful which version you watch. Watched the wrong one once, it was very odd.
I actually am not a fan of meatloafs singing so I'll pass.
I like the dancing part. The one with the patterns.
No. I'll probably watch Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, which always seems to be on at halloween.

I believe we have a copy of Rocky Horror Picture show here someplace. Don't know about having time to watch it though. Certainly not on Halloween night because I have to do first aid and safety duties for the community halloween party and fireworks.Usually a long night.
I've tried numerous times to watch the show but it is so boring I just never make it through to the end before I start watching the paint dry or the grass grow.

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