Visiting next month

I will be visiting my brother next month to surprise him for his 50th birthday....I am travelling from you think he might appreciate 'anything from home'???....obviously, as it's a surprise visit I can't ask him...
Also, what kind of weather should I expect?...I haven't been to Canada before (will be in Thunder Bay)....any advice would be most welcome.....
Bring a coat and some sweaters, it gets cold in Thunder Bay. I'm sure your brother would like some 40 year old Scotch, if he doesn't like the gift send it me Sassy via Cowville.
Actually bring winter clothes. Thunder Bay like a large chunk of Canada can be in the middle of winter by November. On the other hand it could be +10 and sunny.

I agree with 40 yr old Scotch! Actually the older the better. Actually anything from Scotland would probably be appreciated by your brother. I don't know for sure but would assume that there aren't to many Scottish retailers in Thunder Bay.
It will be darn near winter in Thunder Bay. As a Scot I am sure you have seen cold weather before, but probably not that much snow. There should be some good snow cover by November. Most scotches are available here. I would think of a foodstuff rom a local grocer that he hasn't had since he was a wee lad.
Bring him a comely ewe.

Bring him a comely ewe.

And an English Flag...

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